Roon Update 1.8 - WHY AT ALL?

Yeah, I liked on 1.7 how on the single album view (my most used) the recommendation sidebar - which also gave pretty consistent results for me - it gave you a peek of one or two albums and so made you want to click it open to see more. No scrolling involved.

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@bbrip too much MINUTIAE-- those who forget the past are doomed to relive it-- what would all these complainers do if ROON let alone TIDAL Qobuz A+3 or CDs didn’t exist–just enjoy it and I doubt most had anything to do with with the development of ver 1.8–again nice work all you ROON guys&gals–just meant -get over it-it is what it is.
I for one like it and am using ROON more than ever before. bobbmd

If this holds true than rolling this release out with that Big Bang announcement is, well, let’s say, brave.

Thanks for the feedback!

Good to hear, thanks for the feedback!

I hadn’t noticed View albums in library and View tracks in library, that’s very cool and very useful.
However, in my case I didn’t get the secondary sort order, seems random.

Here’s what I wrote in another thread (, but my guesses seem more directly relevant to the present question of WHY these changes at all. Just my two cents of speculation :slight_smile:

So to sum up a bit, for me your answers are much appreciated and really help me to get a better view on the update itself and its possible background.

Thanks to all of you participating and keeping this thread very clean, much appreciated as well.

Eager to hear more feedback from you all along while our time spend with this release (and hopefully some good updates) grows.

Happy listening!


Every year or so my local grocery store changes everything around. It takes me a while, but I eventually get used to it… This would be my answer to Why At All. Change for change’s sake?

I’m not that happy with it, because, a) I haven’t got used to it, and b) there are some fundamental things missing - like a link to Discover from left Browse menu. That one baffles me.

But I’ll also add I’m very surprised at the number of people that LOVE the new look.

Agreed to all points.

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Good catch @AndersVinberg!

I’ve appended my post with select “Sort by date” as the last step and updated the animation. Apologies for any confusion.

Roon is a project in progress. It will never stay the same. It is constant change.
You better live with that assumption. Roon 2.0 will be totally different to 1.8.
Many will complain again. That is the nature of change.
We feel the challenge of change with Roon more intense, because I think it is the most valuable part of our Music Environment. In realitity Roon has become irreplaceable for many. You can replace any hardware with ease, but not the brain, which happens to be Roon.
Maybe that is why we “suffer” the evolution of Roon.


Thanks for your feedback!

Of course there will be ongoing updates for sure, no doubt, and I love to see those, even if they might take a while to get used to it.

The WHY here relates to the in my point of view somehow immature release given the game changing advertisements before, and the content of this release.

I can’t answer that “why”. You would need to work for Roon to get an idea of the “why”.
The journey from 2015, version 1.0 to 2021 version 1.8 was very interesting. I enjoyed it.
I hope you did the same.
I expect the same in the next 5 years.


This version is terrible, how can I revert? First dark mode disappeared; it took me days to find out where to change this as it’s not iOS dark mode related, it’s a theme inside Roon … I hate it when the screen goes all white there for a while every now and then it burns my eyes.

Also “button clicks” are up. It’s poor U/X

Thanks a lot for that tip. Seeing Barber in a suit is throwing me off, though.

My live albums aren’t tagged quite the same way yours are unfortunately. I don’t have a release year set and I had purposefully split live shows into first and second sets, since that’s how I’ve always thought of the shows. I’d love to see Roon focus on live music navigation in some future release as they did for classical in 1.8. recently started offering a a HiFi subscription and I’d love to see integration with that service. Beyond that, a 2 or 3 column filter with a good old fashion list view would do wonders for quickly navigating a library with a bunch of live music. I think iTunes handled this the best over the years.

Has always been that way. If you’re unsure about a setting askin the #support category. It may save you a lot of time!

Sorry, I don’t understand what your problem is here.

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Before this thread goes into those details I’d like to remind you to please stay on track with the topic.

There are other threads and ways to discuss these kind of things.

Thanks very much!

If I have to click more buttons to get the same stuff done. That’s pr definition an issue. A lack of appreciation for a user from the vendor.

All my friends have more than 5000 albums in roon! I have 6021. Roon have a lot of clients with large collections. A number of countries are cutting the speed of the net to allow services and schools to have a web, either for work or for children’s classes.

Even without Covid, if the web fails they don’t have streaming. With files you always hear music! The quality of many online albums leaves much to be desired! And Qobuz does not exist in all countries


Super surprised this devolved into a semantic (pedantic?) argument based on a single sentence in my multi-paragraph post.

The only thing that is more surprising is that 1/3 is now not a minority.

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