Roon vs Plex - a serious discussion

Not if you have a locked down core that can’t install it on. So rock, nucleus, antipodes, innous, SGC etc. As far as I understand it’s peer to peer. Which means it needs to be on the host system. Not possible with any of those. Unless I am missing a trick somewhere?

I think the trick is creating a subnet router which can place other machines on the tunnelled VPN subnet. Apparently the TailScale app for Synology can do that. I’m seeing other people have success but not necessarily with a ROCK setup. I’ll ask on the other thread.

So I’m linking to the video that I was shown in another thread which guided me through setting up Tailscale as a subnet router on my Synology NAS. It has allowed me to run ARC as if I was on my home network. So my CGNAT problem is avoided.

I’ve not had a chance to look any further into it but it seems to work well enough at the moment.

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What about a raspberry Pi running headless PlexAmp feeding the PS Audio via USB
Also Chromecast audio if you can get one and PlexAmp works well with those

Nice post Andy many people might find that useful

I hope it will encourage others to try it. The results are quite brilliant. It came from another community member here which I’m very grateful for.

I think there will be a Tailscale implementation thread on the forum before long, similar to the REW how to do room correction. It would be useful to have a thread with a description of the process and some videos showing different scenarios.

I started a thread here

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Just seen this video on Plexamp. Worth watching to the end. It’s a shame we can’t take the best of both these products and have them in one.


It’s great to see Plex getting more competitive with Roon :grinning:

I use Roon so much more that my recently played/favourites etc. is really skewed in Plex. The features are great though, and depth of customization too. I do appreciate the quality first and minimalism of Roon though, also the accuracy with covers and metadata, looks as well I think Roon shades it.

They both have a lot to recommend them but the multiroom handling coming on Plex is going to make it very competitive, raspberry pi compatibility is a big deal to.

Multiroom/RasbPi support is Roon’s big advantage for me. I hope it comes soon for Plex!

The RasbPi support is already there, did you watch the end of the video they previewed the multiroom and said it will be specifically supporting RasbPi. I mean they must be targeting advertising this week knowing that Roon have a big announcement. I know they have never really been playing in the same space but it’s a decent product they are building there.

Roon of course has a sense of quality delivery that still stands out. Convolution built in is still a big deal for me.

Thanks for that.

Now that roon goes mobile, this topic might get even more interesting. It seems that plexamp is a role model for how roon could work and what’s possible.

For example, I like to shuffle my whole library just to explore what I have collected, that’s not possible with roon mobile, but plexamp is doing that with ease.
The way plex is buffering songs just keeps the music going even when you get disconnected for 10 to 15 minutes.
Getting files local but still cannot play without Internet access with roon is not really understandable for me.
Having plexamp on android auto is for my use a big benefit.
My collection contains about 115000 tunes, and the speed of response what plexamp comes up is just convincing.

I’m a big fan of roon and I see that they move in the right direction, but plexamp have done so many things right already that I believe this discussion will be ongoing aong time :blush:


Also a PlexAmp user, though for the moment I am focusing on Roon.
Though for the last couple of years I have used PlexAmp almost exclusively when outside of the house.
Competition is good, though PlexAmp and Roon have work in different areas. I am hoping for great things


Plex is very good but I don’t think it can directly connect to a renderer of your choice. Or at least, I haven’t found out how so. For example, I connect directly to a network device in a PS Audio DAC.

Yes you are right, that’s the archilles heel of plex and maybe the reason why it never developed to a real. Competitor of roon in home use…

On the go, Roon mobile is (yet) far behind plexamp.

I am also a long time Plexamp user for the „on-the-go“ scenario, but since the release of ARC my usage of Plexamp stopped almost immediately. The main reason is the sound quality. Even after long tweaking with the EQ in Plexamp I couldn’t get near close to the rich, clear and detailed sound I get with the (at the moment) standard EQ setting in ARC. Also I’m very happy to use my tagging again while traveling. In Plexamp I had to create a workaround via playlists to receive something which goes in the direction of „tagging“. And finally I can use now Qobuz embedded in ARC on the go, so everything sounds the same, wether it comes from my local library or from Qobuz. Oh and I just forgot - I can now use my embedded lyrics again :slight_smile: My usage of Plexamp has now been reduced mostly to CarPlay. But most of my travels are via train, so it’s not a big thing for me personally. The things I still admire in Plexamp are the possibility to make settings for buffering and choose quality settings for downloads. I am looking forward now for DSP integration in ARC and CarPlay support. But a big THANK YOU again to the team at Roon, for creating Roon ARC :love_you_gesture:

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A lot of stuff there I have never looked at in PlexAmp. Ifs local library stuff for playlists and radio seems to be way better than Valence which fails with local music completely lots of choices there.

Multi room is nice to see, they need to support some other protocols for hifi kit though.

Yes, there’s no doubt they are not competing in the home environment. I tried the desktop version last night and only lasted a few minutes before going back to Roon.

I suppose the question for most of us is would you take features from Plex and add them to Roon or the other way around?

I would like to see ARC handling downloads the way Plex does, I would also like smarter playlists. I think the video focuses on the things Plex does that Roon doesn’t and that’s probably not by chance this week!

No it’s only supports AirPlay or Chromecast no other streaming protocols your limited to computers other than use those to get it into your system.

Really? They were talking about Raspberry Pi connectivity in the video.