Roon vs Plex - a serious discussion

Yes I use Tidal as it works so well with Plex and Roon. It’s disappointing that you cannot sync Tidal music offline in PlexAmp butbmy Tidal playlists go to both.
I’m not a big playlist user as I prefer albums but I understand the new features for exporting playlists should help this.

The solution is also good to use for albums, because if they are in a row in the Playlist1000, that is quickly rebuilt everywhere with about 100 albums. Paid services also synchronize entire services automatically with favorites, albums, playlists…

Plex is $5.00 per month, $40.00 per year or $120 for a lifetime license. You don’t have to choose one or the other as a music solution, so exactly what is the point of this post?

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Roon RAAT = critical for those users with manifold devices and zones.

Roon DSP implementation, is far superior (subjective but…)

SQ from Roon is among the best I’ve heard makes even modest DACs and gear sound better.

I have 8 Bluesound Devices (Nodes, Pulse, Flex plus 3 amplifiers in different areas: Audio Note Soro SE, Anthem, and NAD).

Have had various DACs, tried Bit Perfect, Audiravana, BluOS. Plex. Roon is the best so far.


There are three features I miss in Roon, in order of priority:

  1. The ability to play music remotely. A supported VPN-implementation would be OK, sync would be better.
  2. The ability to handle audiobooks.
  3. The ability to handle podcasts.

I use Plex for those.

My Roon-server is on a NAS. Search is substantially faster running the Roon-server in Docker than using the native app.

Roon remote seems to be a reality on 2022.

Audiobooks implementation on plex, is a little bit trickier.

Podcast is fine, but I don’t see the point of having on plex over other apps (ivoox, google podcast…)

Roon is so much better for audio than plex, ans when remote Access be ready, is not a discussion really.

Remote: that would be very good news. Why do I have the feeling this will cost some money for Lifetime subscribers. :slight_smile:

Audiobooks in Plex: I use Prologue on iOS to listen to the books and I can recommend this wholeheartedly.

Using dedicated apps is not an issue, but it forces me to use headphones. :grimacing:

Christmas is coming :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:

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Lets hope so…

I’d rather have proper android playback thats bitperfect over remote play .


Assuming you’d like something that sounds roughly similar, Plex’s sonic-matching playlist generator (“supersonic”) absolutely obliterates Roon’s Céline Valence. It isn’t the be all, end-all, but it’ll stay on-genre, and also doesn’t require a streaming service to work.


Got to say the Sonically similar is working really well on my local library.
Took an eternity to finish processing due to the crashing issues, but now each album processed in 5 minutes and while I am an album listener, it offers some excellent next listens.

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Mate, plez sucks on audio library management, read my older post.

I’m not talking about audio quality, but plexamp is so far away about dsp implementation.

If u prefer the sonicaudio of plex, I think the tidal daily discovery wipes the floor with it. And u could use roon library only on radio… So I dont get the point of a person defending plex (wich is the best for remote access) on a roon forum.

Hello, Thanks for that, its for Sure Not. I Was asking for every ones experience good or Bad…

If one doesnt Like one of the two, Thanks for expressing and explain that, but no nead to repeat it everytime Anyone Else is saying something good or just has a other opinion…

Personally, I use both Plex and Roon. I use Plex primarily for movies (roughly 1900 of them) and TV series (House, GOT, Fringe, The Morning Show, etc.). I use Roon for music playback in my recording studio, which is adjacent to our patio where we take breaks and serve refreshments. I also use it for my personal music collection.

With the sliding glass doors open to the patio, and out of the audio path, and with the studio monitors and subwoofers directly opposite the patio, it’s a very good spot to listen to tracks just recorded, previously recorded and ANY music in a very relaxing and beautiful setting; weather permitting. We’re only 500 steps from the Pacific Ocean, and wild deer wander through occassionally, which always adds to the impact of living in the Great Northwest!

My personal Roon music library consists of 780 artists, 3575 albums, and ovee 45,000 tracks, and I can control everything from my cell phone, which is pretty handy. New tracks added immediately appear, and with its simple and highly effective user interface, I don’t have to search for anything in Roon; everything I add just magically appears!

I DO have to admit that Plex is occassionally problematic, where the results of adding new movies and/or shows to the library is concerned. In terms of file naming and file system structure, it can be tricky, but EVERYTHING (Plex and Roon libraries and files) resides on my high-end media server running Windows Server 2019, as a simple file server. So it’s easy to manage.

All the hardware is top-notch, the server OS runs on a 2TB M.2 SSD, and I have over 60TB of fast hard drives to store all those movie (MT2S and MKV) and music files; much of which are DSD64/128/256 and thousands of FLAC files.

While unpredictable file naming results do occassionally pop up with Plex, I’ve always been able to resolve those issues; it just takes tweaking. Where Roon is concerned, I never have to search for anything because it catalogs everything perfectly, every time.

The bottom line for me is that while Roon excels at music file management and playback, it does NOT handle movies or TV series video files at all, which means my ONLY choice is to run Plex, which I don’t use for music playback.

So, there ya go. Given that NOTHING is perfect, use whatever works for you!


Mate, ur opinion is based only in sonicaudio, if this is a must for u, nice. I would like to roon let us access them remotely, and Im the first one to criticize this fault
But make any compare between this two apps…

Im a lifetime suscriber of Plex from 2016, having like I said an enormous library, and Plex is so far away to be compared to roon.

  • Metadata management (time to load image in a big library, usd of hard drive, backups…)
  • eq :upside_down_face:
  • music scanner (match files, u should to use musicbrainz to get nice Matches)
  • load 300k files from the cloud

I wasn’t aware the title read “let’s gonna says that sonicaudio is more important than library implementation or dsp"
If u are going to put transcode, remote or the radio over this things… Yeah go for plex (for the moment). But they are not on the same league, and they will never be, because plex development is not centered on music, sorry.

For rest of things, u know the answer.

So, u can go back to the plex forum.

See you there, mate.


Chillout no need go all nasty over this. @Xekomi is stating his opinion as is the whole point of this thread. Whether you ageee or not is a personal choice but keep it civil and discuss it properly…

I like Roon Radio over what Plex gives me with Sonic similar but they both serve very different purposes. Radio isn’t without its quirks but for me its a great discovery tool. Sonic similar isn’t about discovery it’s a random play feature based on what sounds similar in you local collection. This to me isn’t really interesting and when I tried it, I didn’t feel it played a more enjoyable selection of music. I guess it works better for others but for me I don’t necessarily want to hear the same style or pace of music all the time.


Im not being nasty, he started the quote gaming based on sonicaudio, and try to center the conversation about a room “fault” over the other plex"faults" I already pointed before.

Like I said, SonicAudio is nice, but isn’t a gamechanger like roon is for huge libraries, dsp/eq…

And again, plex is trying to be a media center, I really love it… But it only works for me on films & shows.

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I’ve been a lifetime roon user since 2015 and still using it so I obviously like it :grinning:

But a Plex user even longer and still use it as well for both video and audio.

At home, for multroom, roon is easier to use.
I also prefer the look. Also not all my endpoints have Chromecast so I can’t stream to my headphone set up using Plex currently….I might flash Volumio on a rpi to make that possible though. Soundwise Chromecast is perfectly fine so both Plex using Chromecast or Roon using raat sound great.

But that’s at home, on you own network. Roon does nothing for me once I step out the door.
Plex to the rescue in this case. On every commute I use Plexamp. Not only is it a beautiful looking app, it works flawless for streaming my own music AND Tidal as well.

The last few weeks I’m using Plex more at home as Roon is annoying me endlessly with the volume -hijack issues on both iPhone and iPad…so I often no longer bother to open the Roon app and use Plexamp instead to stream over Chromecast.

Plex also is far more flexible. You as a user can change many things… no Artist bio? No problem, add your own. Stupid album review? Delete it and add another. I hate not having the option to do this in Roon. Also this opens up the possibility to add ones in your native language.