Roon's synchronized lyrics are wrong. How can I fix them (without undue suffering)?

I’ve reported this issue before (in a rather confused way: Lyrics from file tags not showing as expected), but after some initial responses from @beka & @Dylan, they seem to have dropped it (& I believe the latter left Roon). The problem continues to frustrate me, so I’m trying again.

Here are the synchronized lyrics Roon displays for track 5 of Philip Glass’ “Songs from Liquid Days”:

They’re simply the wrong lyrics. Don’t know where Roon got them or what song they might belong to, but they have nothing to do with the Glass track.

I’ve long since set “Settings | Library | Import Settings | Lyrics” and “Settings | Library | Import Settings | Timecode lyrics” to prefer file, supplied the static correct lyrics in a LYRICS tag, and rescanned the album, and in fact Roon will show them in the “View lyrics” popup, but still displays the incorrect synchronized lyrics in the lyrics tab of the now playing screen:

How can I fix this? Does Roon require that I supply synched lyrics to replace its incorrect synched lyrics? What tag and what software would I use? From what Google tells me, creating synchronized lyrics is an extremely tedious business. Is there no easier way to fix this problem and other problems like it?

You’d likely have to open a thread with exact details in metadata issues, then Roon staff needs to get in contact with the respective metadata provider to get it fixed by them.

Roon could additionally change their code to replace online lyrics with your lyrics in now playing screen, if you’d open a thread in feature suggestions.

Better yet, if Roon staff would proactively take appropriate steps without you having to open extra threads, as well as giving timely feedback on the process maybe…

Hi @WillK,

Thank you for getting in touch with your report. Please note that utilizing the Prefer File tag is a preference. In some cases where Roon detects an error in the tag field the software will revert to using Roon tags.

In this particular case the chance of errors seem more pronounced. I’m not saying that there are errors in your tags necessarily, but simply that the steps for synchronized lyrics upload could require a more rigid methodology.

Did you utilize a text editor to create your lyrics as encouraged by @Rugby in this post?

Hi @jamie

Thanks for your quick response.

For adding lyrics, alway static. I use either a text editor and Mp3tag (as demonstrated by @Rugby in the post you cite) or a text editor and Tag&Rename. Here’s a relevant screenshot of Mp3tag:

Can you be more specific about why you think there is a more pronounced chance of error here? I have had no issues with my (i.e. Rugby’s) method except in cases where Roon cloud-sources synchronized lyrics.

Note that I’m not trying to add synchronized lyrics and the concluding question from my original post: does Roon require that my lyrics be synchronized lyrics in order to override its incorrect information? Does this need to be turned into a feature request as @Marin_Weigel has suggested, namely that Roon override it’s lyrics data when there are user-supplied lyrics in the file metadata regardless of whether the user-supplied lyrics are synchronized or not?

As far as I can remember the discussions from the past when this feature got introduced: Yes, exactly that is required.

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Hi @jamie,

A quick experiment indicates @BlackJack 's recollection is correct, though it would be nice to have confirmation that this is what was intended by the Roon developers.

In any case, I’ve submitted a feature request that Roon lyrics be overriden with user-supplied lyrics regardless of type (Override Roon-supplied lyrics with user-supplied lyrics regardless of type)

I don’t supply lyrics for my files unless there is a good reason for it. I assume other users do the same and I would be grateful if Roon would respect our efforts.

Hey @WillK

Yes, as @Blackjack said the replacement logic is that Roon lyrics would only be replaced if there’s a like used supplied replacement. i.e. Roon synched lyrics are replaced by user synced lyrics.

Thank you for submitting a feature request. That’s the best way to get additional customer input on these ideas so we can track interest in the feature. :pray:

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