Roonserver on QNAP (virtualisation?)


I know that there is no Linux version of QNAP out yet but is there virtualisation software one could use to theoretically run Roonserver until such a point that Roon for Linux is released?

I’m in the market for either a QNAP or a NUC to run my Roon installation (as I don’t want to keep my laptop on all the time). I’d prefer a QNAP since I’m a Meridian user…but an NUC would be a quicker solution and cheaper!

This is the software link but not entirely sure if it would work…cheers!

I’m running ROONserver on a QNAP TS-453 equipped with 16GB of RAM. Specifically, I am running a Windows 10 virtual machine using the “Virtualization” software on the QNAP. Both Windows 10 and the ROON interface (from a laptop running as a ROON remote) are very smooth on this QNAP configuration with little to no lag when issuing commands through the remote. I will say that upgrading the NAS from 4GB RAM to 16GB and then assigning a full 10GB to the virtual machine made a huge difference in terms of performance.