RoPieee Beginner's Guide changelog

Hey, @wizardofoz, feedback (and improvements) always welcome. Here are the slides about the HDMI port:


Do you think adding language similar to “This also means other XL applications cannot use HDMI.” would be helpful to people?

I just think as there was some issue involving hdmi in the last few days and xl was implicated too, that it might be worth an explicit mention for all versions. The display reference was a different page at the bottom…I didn’t recall reading that one above, but I might have missed it…it’s 4:15am and I’m having a night cap or 5 as the mrs is still up with our remaining guests, while I retired to the lounfpge still streaming some nice chill tunes and an XO rum in reach :sunglasses:


Version 2020-08-03

  • Explicitly state that HDMI is disabled upon boot up (no audio or display)
  • Added reminder that one will need to run Roon Server elsewhere
  • Minor typographical improvements

Version 2020-08-23

  • The Roon Control Zone must match exactly (case and spelling). Thanks @wizardofoz.
  • Added a point about ram usage (only a few hundred Mb, so any supported Pi model sufficient). Thanks @Tim_Pointon.
  • Minor typographical improvements.

EDIT: here is proof about ram usage (7 RoPieee group).


Version 2020-09-20

  • Added Rufus as an alternative imaging tool. (Thanks @terzinator, @Rugby, and @xxx.)
  • Added screenshot of installation error message. (Thanks @spockfish.)
  • Updated some screenshots to better match the current web GUI to reduce confusion.

Feedback always welcome for improvements to the guide to help new RoPieee users.


Thank you for putting this guide together. It was indispensable for this old dog trying to learn a new trick. :slight_smile:

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@Nathan_Wilkes great job on the guide. The only other thing I’d add is the format for the SD Card for the newb. :smiley:

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Hello @jtwrace.

Thank you for your suggestion. As far as I understand, usually it is not necessary to format the blank SD card first, as the imaging utility takes care of that. A year or two ago there was some discussion about this, as I have long been in the habit of using “SD Card Formatter” first as a precaution.

What do others think?

I’ve only ever used the etcher app to flash the SD cards, no Pre formatting was ever needed.

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What’s being written to the SD card is a complete filesystem, so there’s no need to format it first.

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What if the card has been reformatted?

I looked at Rufus and it appears it’s only for Windows. So if you’re on a Mac, which is what I’m using, Etcher might be your only option.

Version 2020-11-18

  • Added troubleshooting step to remind people that the USB DAC must be attached and powered on to show up in Roon, if being used. Thanks to @Michael_Redman for the suggestion.

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Version 2021-01-31

Overhauled the guide due to the latest @spockfish release to 3.066 this morning. (See Stable release 3.066 (2021/01/31) for changelog.)

  • Created many new screenshots to match the current RoPieee GUI
  • Added Bluetooth as a RoPieeeXL feature
  • Clarified new release procedure (RoPieee only)
  • Minor text improvements for clarity

Thanks @Nathan_Wilkes

Awesome work!


Version 2021-02-07


Version 2021-02-09

  • A maintenance release, to fix some slides out of order (or wrong titles). Sorry everyone.

Version 2021-04-06

  • Added note to enable RoPieee extension when using a remote control. (Thanks @SapphireRacing)

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@spockfish maybe a link to the guide from the ropieee GUI page would be a good idea too - so if people who stumble can get a link quickly

Version 2021-05-09

  • Updated the guide due to latest version release ( Stable release 3.107 (2021/05/08) ) , notably the new supported hardware and the re-arrangement of some settings (so new screenshots)