Ropieee XL isn't updating past 4.017

Ropieee isn’t updating past version 4.017. I’ve rebooted multiple times and the device is scheduled reboot weekly. My hardware is Raspberry Pi 2 Model B Rev 1.1 with HifiBerry DAC2 Pro. RoPieee HQ with unique identifier 75a255982e9603df. Do I need to upgrade my Raspberry P1?

I think this is the current released RoPieee XL. A new version is in the making, currently in beta. If released, it will require a reflash of your memory card. It is a complete inner rework of RoPieee.

Got it. TY

Hi Michael,
I am afraid that the new version of RoPieee XL will not work on a RPI2. You have to have at least a RPI3 to run the new RoPieee XL. This is also the case for the new RoPieee, on which RoPieee XL is built, so this means that you will have to invest in a new RPI if you want to keep up with RoPieee XL-versions in the future…

I appreciate the feedback. Thank you.

as true as that maybe. i have the same problem on a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Rev 1.2
UID is 03de6eb1d6990489

Currently RoPieeeXL-NG (new generation) beta-phase is still active, so I don’t think you’ll get any update of the old version.
Either join beta or wait until RoPieeeXL-NG stable is released…


so the versions with new version schema are betas?
that would explain it… thanks!

This is only the case for RoPieeeXL… the new RoPieee has already been released and is at stable version 2022.03, build 0126.


Is there any timescale on the stable XL release. I am on the new 2022.3 release with no issues . Happy

Somewhere in the coming weeks 2022.4 will be released which will be regular and XL.

Superb thanks Harry