RopieeeXL NAA blocks RoonBridge driver after usage


I am using RopieeXL latest version with Roon bridge and NAA. I have noticed that many times when I use NAA for playback from Roon the RoonBridge HAT driver becomes unavailable and I need to restart Ropiee.
I assume the NAA locks ALSA and the bridge cannot be used it anymore?

Can this be fixed?

See these posts 10 days ago, discussing the locking and how to unlock:

RoPieeeXL: HQPlayer NAA interferes with Airplay/Shairport output - #10 by dabassgoesboomboom

Thank you for the link. I still think that there should be a way to avoid this. I am not sure if this can be achieved by Ropieee or Sygnalist.

Is your HQPlayer on Desktop or Embedded?

For me on Embedded, I can change to a different output from my iPad, to unlock.

But I imagine it’s more pain with Desktop as you need to walk to the desktop machine.

Jussi himself described this … as long as HQPlayer is running and the NAA device is selected there is no way to disengage it … then just stop HQPlayer or change the NAA (in HQP configuration) or set the output to ALSA , that’s it