Running LMS and Roon side by side

Hi everyone,

Hope you can help. I currently run a PI3, screen and Iqaudio Dac + as a Roon Endpoint. I have a spare Squeezebox Touch. I would like to run this alongside Roon using LMS as the server. How do I go about running two servers without conflict. I’m an advanced Noob so please keep it simple.



Install LMS on your server. In Roon settings, setup disable squeezebox support and away you go.

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Thanks Tony. That simple!

That may not be correct.

“Step 1: The first thing you should do is turn off any LMS servers running on your network. Roon’s Squeezebox functionality works by emulating LMS--if LMS is running on your network, devices may find and associate with it, or become confused.”

if you disable squeezebox support in roon there is no emulating LMS…What you have linked to is how to use squeezebox devices as roon endpoints. The OP want to control his squeezeboxes using LMS on the same server as roon core controlling roon endpoints. Well thats how I read it. OP correct me if I’m wrong.

That’s correct Tony. I would like to run the LMS server and the Roon Server on my Mac mini and be able to play from either depending on my preference. LMS plays IPlayer and Extras which I love. It also plays some Radio URLs which Roon is as yet unable to play.

There’s only one reliable way to do this if you want to run both servers on the same physical box, the reason being if you install LMS and Roon on the same IP address you get conflicts, and a terrible user experience.

  1. Install some VM software that will allow you to run virtual machines on your Mini, e.g. VirtualBox or similar.
  2. Create a lightweight VM (I suggest Linux), and ensure the VM is using ‘bridged’ mode. ‘NAT’ mode which most VMs default to will not work and ‘host’ mode will give you the same problems as running them side by side.
  3. Install LMS on the virtual machine and configure as normal.

LMS will now be running on a different IP address on your subnet. You can now switch between them on your players, or indeed keep a mixture of Roon and LMS players working on your network (as I do) concurrently.

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Thanks for your steer.

Have you tried as I suggested? I have and can run roon to a RPI endpoint and LMS to a squeezebox touch without problem. LMS and Roon core installed on a Windows 10 system.

So can I load the two servers on the Macmini with the same results?

I don’t use Macs but I don’t see why not as long as you disable squeezebox functionality in roon. You have nothing to lose by trying it, after all you can uninstall LMS easily enough.

Be prepared for issues…

You seem to be missing what the OP wants to do. He doesn’t want squeezebox devices as roon endpoints and should disable squeezebox support in the roon settings. The squeezeboxes will be only controlled by LMS.

I decided to keep Roon on my Macmini and install LMS directly onto my Picore enabled Jivelite screen. Appears to be working fine. Thanks for the guidance.

You will still need to disable squeezebox support in roon

Done that and now playing Roon on my Squeezebox Touch. Glad to have the flexibility. Can’t quite leave LMS behind.

Thanks again