Running ROCK on a NUC4i5 (16 GB DDR3 ,240 GB Intel 520 Series SSD)

My Roon Core currently runs on an HP ProLiant G7 N54L MicroServer running Windows 10 Pro.
Some MP3 and FLAC music is stored on a Synology NAS, but I’m using mainly Tidal HiFi.

I’m running a small business in my home and by design my LAN and WiFi networks are on different bridged subnets which makes my Android remotes slow to connect to the core and which prevents Roon to detect my WiFi Sonos Play 1’s and Sonos Connect.

I’m considering migrating the Core to an Intel NUC running ROCK as this seems to allow for the LAN and WiFi networks to be on different subnets.

I have a 4th gen Intel NUC4i5 (D54250WYB - Core i5-4250U) in a fanless case running Windows 10 Pro sitting on my living room desk.
I’m thinking of using the fanless NUC4i5 to install ROCK and to buy a new NUC7 to replace my living room Windows 10 machine rather than use the new NUC for ROCK.

I know that 4th generation NUC’s isn’t supported by ROCK but I hope this will work anyway (edit: NUC4i5 has no M.2 SATA port).

Any thoughts?

The case is an Abel H2 from TranquilPC.

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I don’t understand that ROCK changes the subnet requirement. ROCK is a stripped down LINUX that runs RoonServer. RoonServer is a subset of Roon that lacks the Control component. SFAIK ROCK is subject to the same topology requirements as Roon, because basically it is Roon.

Apparently ROCK can use 2 separate network connections, 1 for the LAN and 1 for the WLAN.
As both are connected directly to ROCK this will work according to Danny in an earlier post.

Thanks Wim, today I learned :grinning:

I’m running ROCK on a Gigabyte Brix with an mSATA drive for the OS and database and haven’t experienced any problems.