SACD ripping with Oppo or Pioneer

Wow good detective work!

Thank you very, very much for this information. I will try this when I get home on my Oppo 103. As Ludwig observed, it is simpler than that first post. Check it out:

Simpler Windows:

Simpler Mac:


Yes, it’s an excellent solution and very simple. I got it working on my Oppo BDP-103 in less than five minutes.

For semi-technical Mac people, who don’t want to install Java, the command line interface is simply and effective. I recommend copying the sacd_extract binary file to the directory where you want to store your SACD files. Then open a Terminal window, cd to that directory (eg. cd ~/Music/SACD) and use:

./sacd_extract -2 -s -c -i

Where is the local IP address of the Oppo (besides the Oppo remote app, you can also see the IP address by turning on your TV and going to the Settings->Network screen on the Oppo).

Note that the -2 option rips the stereo layer only. There’s another option for multi-channel. If you want to see what all the - options do, type:

./sacd_extract -?

BTW, I found the files to be exactly the same size as the PS3 rips. All the files are named correctly and each SACD gets ripped into a separate subfolder (though someone said beware multi-disc sets as they may overwrite?). Roon immediately recognized the files and identified them correctly.

(Though to improve the metadata for HF Player, I export the album back out of Roon and overwrite my original rip.)

Honestly, it’s way easier than ripping CDs with Exact Audio Copy!

So glad to finally have an elegant SACD ripping solution. I have 20 SACD discs on my amazon wishlist I can finally purchase!


I was able to order a used like-new Pioneer BDP-170 from Japan 5 days ago and received it today. It was $225. Then I spent $30 for a 120 to 100 volt step down power converter. The system was Japanese including the labels on the remote, but at least it was easy enough to change the system language to English and figure out the correct buttons on the remote. I was successfully ripping SACDs with it in less than an hour. So I can confirm the Japanese versions work just as well. There is a script that is tailored for the BDP-160 that worked for me. You can find it in the computer audiophile thread listed above.
I’m thrilled!

Just managed to bag a used Pioneer BDP-170 as a back up for my old PS3.

For those in the UK sometimes you get open box deals available on the Richer Sounds website, you just need to get lucky that the item is local to you as they won’t post these items.

Updated links as after CA reworked their site, as following:

Simpler Mac:

Simpler Windows:

EDIT: Due to the links repeatedly changing: Guides are on page 6.

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Thanks! I still do this very frequently. It’s been a real eye-opener!

Is there any difference between the BDP 170-K and 170-S?
Or is this only an indicator of the color?
Because I am thinking about getting one of them solely for SACD ripping,
just not sure if this -K ending is a different model (same goes for -S ending).
So can I safely buy a 170-K and start ripping?

Seems they have changed something again. Your links won’t work @pl_svn,
same goes for mine…
Great. Could you tell me on which page in the thread you found your link?
That would be great.

last page, so far (my own post)
though… let’s make it easy: “S” is silver and “K” is black. there’s no other difference :wink:

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Thanks to you!
what an extreme long thread on this topic they have there! Sad that the old linking system won’t work anymore. Downloaded all files necessary in advance, who knows…

To bad that it doesn’t work with the oppo 95 i still have alot of sacd’s i would like to image.

Thanks for updating that. I have been happily ripping with my Oppo 103! I even found that so long as I start it up with the thumb drive, my wife can be watching video from one of the Oppo’s HDMI inputs while it rips discs in the background. Fantastic.

Hi, in some posts I read that the Pioneer-BDP-LX58 is working. Here, it’s listed as NOT working to rip SACD. Anyone knows what the final word is about this (expensive) device? Thanks !

From all that I have read on Computer Audiophile whilst the LX58 has the right chipset it has been reported that it will not rip SACDs.

The cheaper Pioneers (160/170) do, but I believe they use the other chipset.

Do you already own this device? If so, you might just try it - though I can’t give any warranty that it will work or your player might be damaged (which is unlikely, to be clear, but still…).

No I was prospecting and found a used LX58. After reading the post, i decided to let it go coz the asking price prohibits me to try and test it out to see it works, or doesn’t.

Anyone know if they OPPO 205 will do this?

I’d say no. It’s all down to the specific chipset and I think the only OPPOs that work are 103/105.