Same old Roon under the hood?

I always chuckle when i see this or hear someone say this glass 1/2 empty 1/2 full phase…

I say it’s the wrong size glass. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I say the buggers didn’t even give me a glass!


Ged mate.

You’ve been drinkin here all night and you heard the call for last drinks.

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I’m stealing that.

why you would prevent the CPU from throttling? It isn’t a comparable behaviour to connected standby

Many believe it sounds better to keep the CPU frequency non changing.

Dear lord.


Ged, keep an open mind. It costs nothing to try it. I find my Core is more stable vs. having SpeedStep enabled. I hear no difference in the sound though. I run on an old 2014 Dell PC that otherwise works fine.

I also have a scheduled shutdown and startup daily simply to reduce power usage and restarting Core prevents many issues.

It’s more reliable if you don’t stop and start for the components. My listening environments are noisier than any perceived difference in processor state so it’s not relevant to me. And paint me blue and call me sceptical but processor speed versus sound just has the whiff of Gwyneth Paltrow about it.


Sounds much better if you upsample to 1.21 Gwatts though.

Not to undermine your statement, but to inform the Product dept (or equivalent at Roon): I experience none of these issues. Roon works every day serving a (small <6) number of endpoints with none of the problems that plague James. Core runs on an older MacMini, hard drives with music files connected to the same, never a problem, works as advertised. That said, we leave no man behind, and one (James) user with problems means everyone has a problem of sorts.


Hi Christian - I certainly appreciate not being left behind!

Here’s a question: do you use Roon’s Tags and if so, how do you use them? For example, will you Tag a large number of objects and then focus on the Tag then shuffle it? Do you Tag artists and then play tracks from those Tagged artists directly?

As a related point, while I haven’t had much time to confirm this, it seems a little better the last few days, and I have also noticed that now when you Shuffle a Tag you actually get the whole queue loaded up in advance - no more playing a track with “next up” as the only thing you can see.

I wonder if these two points are related - i.e. instead of constant tag queries to play the next track, Roon is front-loading the query by loading up the entire queue.

Anyone seeing this?

@danny said “most would be triggered by a misbehaving network”, not all…

I use tags like we used to use playlists on iTunes, but only for albums (individual songs are still going into a ‘playlist’). To illustrate: Latin Jazz albums are tagged as such. Party albums, favorite Jazz, Great Sound, etc all get tagged that way. Double purpose: find and play individual albums like in the old LP days (by genre), and shuffle amongst different albums across one “genre”. Also you can tag an album multiple ways, which is of course practical.
Thank you for the idea of tagging artists, it never occurred to me (though they are ultimately tagged by their genre, Fado singers tagged under Fado, Opera, Female vocalist, etc). Also getting used to the Bookmark function, which provides another way to sort through things.
I am sorry I can’t help with the technical problems, mostly because I can’t troubleshoot something I am not experiencing. I am always bewildered when I hear users experiencing problems, as Roon must be one of the very few applications that never gave me a single problem (been using Macs since 1984, so … lots of apps under this bridge :). Knock on wood, but whatever I try to do, it essentially works. Not saying it’s perfect, and not saying that the suite of features is complete, but that’s somewhat logical, as they cannot boil the ocean. Anyway, I am digressing. Take care.

That’s what a “Community” is about, or is just a cliche name…me think.


I’ve just noticed something - Roon doesn’t shuffle more than 5000 tracks no matter how many are in a Tag! So this isn’t the same old Roon under the hood - it seems to have created a bigger problem than just the performance and reboot issues?

This kind of kills my main avenue of listening to Roon, which is to shuffle Tags. No I don’t need to listen to more than 5000 songs, but if there are 10,000 songs under a Tag, and Roon shuffles THE SAME 5000 songs every time, I never hear the other songs!

If it just plays a different selection of 5000 songs, I guess that probably then is OK. But how do we know?

This is not a network issue.

you are right about the “same 5000”, but this was already fixed in this release:

We never let you add more than a few thousand tracks to the queue, but having the ability to shuffle in more than 5000 tracks is an important use case, so we added this wacky shuffle “mode”, which was different than radio, and different to queue shuffle. It created a lot of confusion.

So, to solve this confusion, we decided to eliminate the confusing “shuffle mode” and just add tracks to the queue w/ shuffle on.

The problem is if you hit shuffle or play or something in more than a few thousand tracks, it’ll overload your queue. The solution was to do the shuffle algorithm up front and add the first 5000 tracks added to the queue, which should be about 4-6 days of music.

In the first 1.8 release, we had a bug where it truncated the list to 5000 and then shuffled. That gives you the buggy behavior you see, but it was fixed in the above release.


Not sure that I’m adding to the discussion but my 7i7 NUC runs Roon on top of Win10 continuously and I have not experienced any of these issues. My library is on a Synology NAS and has about 5000 albums of all different formats. I will not restart the NUC for usually a couple of months until I notice some Win updates on my other computers.

It must be terribly difficult for the Roon engineers to troubleshoot all the different configurations we all run. I can imagine that the log files only provide so much insight. I sure hope that you get a decent resolution to your issues.

I don’t have any of the delay or dropout problems that you’re describing. For me, Roon has been rock solid through any version, and certainly not with 1.7 or 1.8.

Did you have problems with previous versions or is this a new thing?

That’s great to know. Thank you.