Search based on AND

Is there a way to search for all albums that have artist X AND artist Z? I hope that makes sense

Unfortunately not at the moment. There is a long-standing Feature Request for Boolean logic searches.

Thank you - that’s a disappointment though. To have such a wealth of data available but no tools to access them properly… is this at least on the roadmap?

It is technically possible, although not suited for ‘quick’ searches.

See this link:

thank you. If I understand this correctly this requires that I have my own tags that say that artists X and Y are on the album? and then I work with these tags to get what I want?because this is redundant, this info is already in the credits metadata.

No. You can do it with Artist Focus as well as Tags, but one of the steps does involve creating a new Tag for “your whole library other than one of the Artists”, which becomes unfeasible with large libraries.

thanks - I’ll try this tonight

This works!
The ‘library-artist’ is easy too, here’s how I did it: albums, focus on artist X, revert, select all albums, add to tag. Why would that be unfeasible with large libraries?