Search suggestions (Classical) / Compare Spotify, Roon and other services

I’ll start with the largest provider Spotify. The expectations are low, the possibilities probably greater than many assume. The thread should continue to grow with the help of the community.

Usually you can quickly overlook the division. Even collectors (column 2) don’t bother much. Apple (column 1) has about 30 divisions after all.

This post shows how appealing this can still look with personal care:

Is that all that’s going on? No certainly not.

Much is hidden behind links, the leading music services, which could become a goldmine using Spotify as an example.

A good entry point for friends of classical music is:

Because the perspective is not yet reduced (scope=all), the genre-based researcher is sent only on the classical music route. From the approximately 6000 divisions, those that feel like classic are flushed to the top as a starting point.

There is an initial player list for each viewing perspective.

Just like Roon, everything is perfectly linked. One click takes you to the next and more refined viewing perspective.

For each viewing perspective there is an initial playlist and refinements like this with one click. I choose Baroque and then Italian Baroque or German Baroque…

These lists are maintained almost daily and often contain many hundreds of suggestions.

If you are looking for something very specific, you also have more options than just searching for the album, artists or composers.

Here is an example where a user has opened the label focus Deutsche Grammophone - Classical New Releases. This was not even done by hand, but transferred from one service to the other via TuneMyMusic. Anyone can follow or make it their modified playlist. Of course also transfer to Qobuz, Tidal or Apple

I’m passing it to Qobuz without any editing, and thus to Roon as well. Both offer me the possibility to further search, add, remove…

only one track is missing (manual maintenance might help)

Now we have a Qobuz and Roon Playlist

Are there other search methods? Yes they are called quick discovery

Of course, there are again many entry points here, but we’ll stick with the “classical” genre.

At each point you can narrow down further. I’ll take “Opera” with special interest in Italian Romanticism…there are practically no limits here for the classical explorer…

Several things can be previewed, selected and written to a playlist with a click. The way to Qobuz and Roon should already be clear.

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If you haven’t seen it for yourself, here are pictures of what Roon makes of this information.

On top of the good sound, there’s also the good picture and more (almost unlimited) possibilities for discovery.

The third picture shows a lot of love for the music and the gladly well played musical instruments.

Where to start, with the playlist from Spotify, our already existing CDs…it’s always a personal choice.

here playlist from Spotify to Qobuz/Roon

find great album

play great album

explore artists and change artist picture

find other Tracks from this artist

explore genres in Roon

find classical

or other genres

choose classical

find your lokal music

matching new releases or recommendations page 1

matching new releases or recommendations page 2 and many more
left and right the arrows (choose, play and read what you want…)

Find the composers that match

go deeper into the subgenres / styles

choose vocal music

all the beautiful choices also one level deeper…

find your Albums and Artists from Subgenre Vocal Music

matching new releases or recommendations Vocal page 1
as you see, reading, card and music playing works on PC perfect!

matching new releases or recommendations Vocal page 2 and more…

Find the composers and compositions that match with vocal music

my choice is Mozart

What is missing without Apple, Spotify or other Solutions. Tell more