Sennheiser HD800S EQ Profiles

Hi everyone,

I have been using Roon for a while and I love it. This is also why I bought the lifetime subscription.
My primary headphones are the Sennheiser HD800s and the Parametric EQ really upgraded my listening experience to a whole new level.

Until now I have been using Oratory’s Parametric EQ profile but yesterday I found a website containing 4 different profiles:

Did anyone else (using HD800S) test out all these 4 profiles?
I guess I will also have to test them out but I was curious if anyone else tried them.

Another question: I saw that I have 2 options for Roon: first option would be to create a Parametric EQ manually and use the data provided or the 2nd option would be to use the 2 included .wav files for convolution filters.
Is there any difference between these 2 options? I guess the end result should be the same…correct?

Thank you.


There’s a few threads on here about them. This one includes how to use the convolution files.

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I have HD 800 and HD 800S. I don’t use EQ, but do utilize HQ Player and Roon Crossfeed during my listening sessions. I may need to check out adding some EQ.

I use it on my hd650 and I think it is very good. I did the eq manually as I wanted to be able to tweak it myself.

It seems a bit strange that the profile here: is different compared to the one from Oratory’s Reddit page :

AutoEq uses the picture in the pdf from your post to know the frequency response of the headphone. It then calculates it’s own set of filters.
The filters from Oratory are probably calculated with different software and adjusted by hand/ear.

I haven’t tried those EQ profiles yet, I just start looking at the EQ feature, below is my first try, it seems to work very well with my Sennheiser HD800S /Monolith desktop amp/dac and make the music a little bit easy to listern, before without the EQ, it was a little bit rough:

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Hi thanks for sharing. I wanna EQ the senn 660s but said something as:

apply preamp of -6.7dB

Where I should add the preamp value?

You should drag the slider to the right of the graph to -6.7. Only when you start dragging the value is shown on the screen.

I’ll try this, thanks for posting.

Do you mean this bar?

(please see the picture). In addition, which of the the to profiles you used? (the parametric or the fixed band EQS?).

Maybe, is a silly question but it’s my first time trying to equalize an headphone, so it is a little confusing.
Finally in two weeks I will receive a HD800s (do you have them?) if so, can you share a screenshot of your EQ?

Thanks a lot for your help, greetings from Chile

Yes, that’s the correct slider.
You should use the values of the Parametric EQ. These match a bit better than the fixed band ones.
I don’t own the HD800, unfortunately.

Thanks a lot! I did it and improve a lot! I left the parametric EQ here if someone need it

Kind regards

Hi Andrei

do you know what is the BW/S? should I put this value in Roon? where?

please help to me

Please, where do I find these equalization settings?