Server Sleep and Wake on LAN

Two years later, does Roon core support WoL? It is an important factor for selecting my next media software. I have installed and gotten Roon working on my network, but it does not seem Roon core supports WoL. Which if it is the case, it’s too bad especially this thread is two years old and most likely an indication the company will never support it.

My klunky inexpensive other media streamer software supports it ouf of the box with no issues with my local setup.

PS: Yes, I am aware of getting other app to send the WoL magic packet.

I know some people like it, but I consider it an over-technical computer thing intended for corporate use.

And even in corporate, they don’t sleep servers. Desktops, yes, but not servers.

I don’t go turn on my phone when I want to make a phone call. Or my WiFi when I want to surf.

I do have to turn on my car, but that’s an old-fashioned technology thing, you don’t have to turn on a Tesla. And since most modern cars have “keyless go” and automatic engine stop-start for red lights, why do I need to turn them on?

But there has been a discussion 9f the very low energy consumption of a modern machine at idle, a Nucleus with an SSD is at 10 W. Less than three Eero WiFi nodes.

Private and local servers don’t need to be on for 24h a day. People go to bed, are at work and do other things. 10W for just waiting is more eco-friendly than the 120 W of an old Desktop Computer. But 0,8W in standby would be even more eco-friendly. So many consumer products support standby and the NUC platform is already capable of this feature, Roon just has to use it.

I live in Germany and I know a lot of people who turn of their Smartphones over night and setup their router to disable WiFi over night. I also know of people who turn on WiFi on their mobile phones only when they are going to use the internet. It’s not all about saving energy but security, but those features are used.


I always turn off my wifi on the phone. Only turn it on when using it.

I too think it’s absurd that Rock doesn’t have a sleep mode. Why would you leave Something 24hrs on, when using it 12?
I always turn off my Roon Nuc, Sparky/USbridge etc. In this days I think it’s not responsible to let all those little machines stay 24hrs on and consuming power. Just stupid and shortthinking.

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Something changed on my Mac mini that now it sleeps, so frustrating that Roon does not wake it. +1 for this request. For now I will set it not to sleep.

I’m happily running Rock Server on Windows 7 but had a spare PC (tiny form factor with SSD) and loaded up ROCK. No issues whatsoever getting it up and running but I then realized it appears there is no way for the machine to sleep or low power mode. I searched and found the requests for WOL.

It would be very cool to incorporate WOL into the Roon client, and enable a sleep timeout in ROCK.

For now I’ll stick with Windows 7 as it does what I need

ROCK does support WOL, and I use it on my NUC based system. However, WOL also requires the BIOS and the network interface card to support it. Does your mini PC do that?
I wake my NUC/ROCK up with a 3rd party app (Wake On Lan for android). Works well.


Technically, it’s the hardware that supports WOL, the OS has no idea. I believe just about every PC has supported WOL made in the past 10+ years.

Does ROCK have any sleep or low power states? WOL client incorporated into Roon client would be very convenient.

Hi Brian,
Please correct me if I am wrong. As far as I can tell ROCK only has two possible states: ON or OFF. Can the NUC’s Bios be set to have the unit turned ON from the OFF state using a 3rd party WOL tablet app?

As far as NUC/ROCK goes I think the answer is yes. There are some options in the BIOS concerning WOL but I never altered them. I turn the NUC off either by pressing the front button or via the ROCK web page. Either way the front light turns orange viz blue and it goes to sleep. I obviously leave it plugged in. Also it has to be wired, not wifi.
Again, ROCK is only part of the equation, the BIOS and NIC have to support it.

I just downloaded Wake on LAN for Android. Drag down to search, bookmarked and closed. Opened browser to shut ROCK down. Then launched WOL and hit the wake button and my NUC fired up! Took all of a minute to sort out. My bios is as per ROCK install guides so unless people have gone in and disabled WOL it is easy to do.

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Recently purchased a Naim Uniti Atom. Works perfectly with Roon. When I start the Naim app, the Uniti Atom turns on automatically. Wouldn’t it be beautiful if my MAC Mini turns on when I start the Roon app?

Still hoping that one day…


Late to the discussion here, but I’m considering a switch to Roon from my current JRiver/JRemote setup.
Has Wake on LAN been implemented in the client app yet (iOS)? I’m kind of surprised about the amount of discussion about this for what seems like a really simple thing. My JRemote has been sending wake on lan packets automatically for years and I really never gave it a second thought. Works perfectly. When the server/core is sleeping, launching JRemote automatically wakes it up. Whatever JRiver did, there was absolutely no configuration for wake on lan required by me. It just worked.
Not sure why this would to be such a problem to implement in the Roon client app.
I’ve heard that Roon sounds better than JRiver which is why I’m considering the switch, but losing this kind of wake on lan functionality is not something I want to give up. It’s nice to have. I don’t always have easy access to the physical HTPC (like upstairs in bed for example) so it’s a really useful feature.

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I would really love to see Wake on LAN implemented as well. 10W might not sound a lot, but it quickly adds up when running 24/7, especially at European prices.


For me, it’s that I generally don’t like to leave connected devices open and exposed to possible malware attack for longer than necessary. A sleeping PC I suppose is less at risk than a fully awake PC. There may be times for whatever reason I could go several weeks without listening to my music, so certainly good practice not to keep the PC fully awake.

In the meantime, I’ve installed a WOL iPhone app that does the job. But it seems it would be a really simple thing for Roon to natively include in their client apps as well.

I’ve just done this with a WOL app to wake my core and NAS, but honestly it feels quite clunky that Roon can’t just send WOL to the IP/MAC of the core/store itself.


I have had the same experience as CraigK. JRiver implements WOL perfectly. I can not understand why Roon won’t do this. I’ve been asking for this for over two years. There are several utilities available that do this and no reason Roon could not incorporate this feature.


In fact, I was premature - WOL does indeed wake up my core and NAS OK, but now I’m having an issue where Roon is preventing the PC (core) from sleeping anyway. Very annoying.

ScreenMachine-James, I confirm this is the same exact issue I’m having. Seems there are two issues: 1. The need (desire) for Roon to implement WOL on its Control apps, and 2. A problem whereas Roon prevents PC from going back to sleep once accessed from a remote Control app. I’ve posted detail of my experience with the sleep issue under the separate thread Roon is preventing Windows from sleeping

Sounds like you and I have a similar setup and are experiencing similar issues.

WOL is a good idea.

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