Shield Android TV as RoonServer

With the power this device has, connected to 4k TV and 7.2 channel hi-fi system already, wouldn’t it be a great candidate to run as not only an endpoint, but also as the server?

I sideloaded the apk, and then was thinking about the directions for moving the Roon application to a server configuration and thought that since the Android TV is always on already, has above mentioned connections,etc. it would be great to not have the server running on another PC that also has to always be turned on.

I know that many people don’t want the server PC in their Audio/Theater room, due to noise and/or interference. The Shield is awesome in those regards, and neither are a problem. As an endpoint it is great.

Just wondering if there were any plans or ways to get this working?


I do not believe the Android app functions has a full Roon Server backend. The devs are working on getting a Linux version of the Server; but that is not Android. While the Shield seems like it would work as a great endpoint, 3 GB of RAM seems a little light for running the server.

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No plans right now… let’s get Linux Server out the door first.

Daniel…I believe I understand what you are stating, regarding the power/performance of the Shield TV, but for mere mortals like me, that only have a small 1.5k collection, and love utilizing Roon with the Tidal streaming offerings to boost the collection…the Shield TV is more than powerful enough. I wish I had the dedication to have collections like some of you, and the other audio equipment setups that are discussed. Too many other hobbies and not enough resources :smile:

Danny…totally understand that Roon already has plenty of development stuff in the current cue. Many would be upset if those priorities got shuffled. Just wanted to know if it would ever be something that would be considered. Due mostly to what I mentioned above, many of us will just never have the collection sizes that would bog down the database capabilities, but settling for something less than a Roon system, once you experience it is just not imaginable. :wink:

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As an update, nVidia Shield Android TV just received the Marshmallow 6.0 update last night. Nice to see that high performance tech hardware is not being ignored by nVidia. Haven’t noticed any issues with Roon, but did notice that it actually loads a bit quicker. No complaints here :relaxed:

So you have Roon running on a Shield TV? How is the experience of searching the library? What peripherals are using? I was thinking of getting a Galaxy View but this seems like a better solution. Thanks.

Yes, I sideloaded Roon onto the Shield, but it is not running as the core. I have an HP laptop that is the server/core, and the Shield is just another endpoint within the house. This was all set up prior to the 1.2 update, and I never thought about going back and seeing if I could get the Shield set up differently. Leaving the HP laptop in the office running 24/7 has been less of a headache than I thought it would be.

It’s all very snappy and works well. With Marshmallow and now the 1.2 update, things are even smoother. Having everything show on the 55" 4k tv is great, and connected to my Yamaha receiver is convenient. It’s not a reference system, with super high quality fidelity, but it still sounds much better than average.

Wow, great. I will give this a try. Thanks for the follow-up.

Wow, must be great to have the now playing screen on the big tv screen.
Any chance to use an amazon fire tv to display the now playing screen?

I use an HTPC as my roon endpoint. having Roon on the 55inch tv is fantastic.

Perhaps, I am still confused. I would think your HTPC is serving as your Room “core.” I didn’t think there was endpoint software for windows. This matters to me because I would like to replace the Skype on my TV that Microsoft is disabling and I would also like to access Room through my TV. As far as I understand, I will need an android TV and a nuc to do both.

No my core is a server in the basement. I have a NUC serving as an htpc plugged into my tv via hdmi and toslink out to my dac/amp. On it, I run Roon on the TV and output audio to the amp.

Thank you, that’s helpful. My problem seems to be that I would like to have a graphic interface on my desktop (my core) and my HTPC.


You can have it all! :sunglasses:

When installing Roon, you will want to first set it up on the system that will act as the controller, or if you want to think of it as the “server” that’s fine (even if you are not installing the “server” version of the software, but rather installing the “Core.”) During software installation setup, choose to “Manage” your library on that computer.

On all other devices that you install Roon on, during installation you will tell the software to act as a “Remote” device.

Both systems can have the graphical interface, just one also has final control over the music collection database, and the other just reads it from that other system.

Hope that helps clear things up.

Andrew, thanks for the clarification. I’m glad that I was just confused about this. I can’t wait to see what Roon looks like on my TV.

Hi Cass,

Roon Bridge (endpoint software) is available in 32 bit and 64 bit Windows, Mac OSX and Linux from the downloads page.

This is interesting. There are a number of cheaper Android TV solutions with 4.4 Kit Kat - do we think a side load for these would be do-able ? I don’t really need the 4k or gaming capabilities of the Shield and its quite expensive here in Australia…

I don’t know, but other Android users might. Brian mentioned that an Android Roon Bridge was on the to do list.

You don’t really need Android Roon Bridge… just run the Roon app and turn on your local zone, and make it non-private.

I have a todo item to make Android Roon have a Roon Bridge mode, which just starts up the audio stack at device startup, instead of at app launch time.

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Can you at Roon please create an app (RoonReady Endpoint) that officially works with the Shield Android TV and that works with the remote that comes with the Shield Android TV.

Customer experience should be optimal, like click-install-play from the Google Play store in the Shield Android TV.

The Shield Android TV can play high-resolution audio up to 24-bit/192 kHz over USB or HDMI :slight_smile: