Shield Android TV as RoonServer

Hi Guys,

I have an Nvidia Shield Android TV running current V6 - I have sideloaded the APK which was easy enough and launched it, but it seems locked to phone screen res and only takes up 1/3 of the screen and quite pixelated - also the shield remote doesn’t work with it at all… I have to connect a keyboard or mouse to navigate and even then its quite poor.

The TV is only 1080p so I would have thought this resolution would be natively supported.

Is there something I am missing here?

Sorry for a delayed response.

It’s been a long time since I configured everything, but I remember some of the initial headaches. Yes, a wireless keyboard with an integrated touchpad is optimal, but some form of keyboard/mouse combo is necessary, rather than using the remote or game controller. The others have limited functionality and it’s too tedious for typing.

As far as the resolution goes, it should work fine. If I remember correctly, the graphics were not optimum until I selected the Shield as the audio source. Of course, I could be remembering that incorrectly too.

I would just reinstall and get you a better answer, but my Roon Core is in Chicago without me…don’t ask, long story.

I love to see a native apk server and core running on nVidia Shield TV with nVidia remote support.


Making the Roon app Android TV compatible, running on the powerful NVidia Shield TV would be wonderful. Multichannel support, DSD to PCM, Hi-Rez PCM are seamless on my NVidia Shield Kodi installation, why not Roon!

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I plan on running a Plex server off my nVidia Shield Pro. Would love to have it also serving Roon!

Please, bring us Roon for Nvidia Shield TV. I’d subscribe immediately.

Brandon, spamming multiple threads with pleas for Roon on the Nvidia Shield will not make it happen. You basically can take it to the bank that the Nvidia Shield never will run Roon Server, which is the subject of this thread. The best that you can do is sideload Roon on the Nvidia Shield to make it a de facto Roon endpoint. While kind of a kludge, it does work for basic audio streaming. Of course, a Roon core machine elsewhere still is required.


Excuse me Andrew? I posted a total of two times to a total of two threads. I would hardly consider that “spamming”. So please, spare me your tiresome internet etiquette lesson. First I don’t assume anything won’t ever happen. Plex server can run on Shield. Either way, for my own needs, I’m asking for Roon Remote for Android TV which is a totally reasonable request and one that the makers of Roon should consider as they’d get my long term commitment if so. I have Roon core running on my NAS. But side-loading the remote app is a non-starter as I don’t always want to use my phone or tablet to search for music. Anyway, I’m evaluating. Thanks for chiming in, but pick a a better way to start a conversation next time, eh? :wink:

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This idea is simply fantastic. I would love to run Roon core on my Shield TV!

It is a very capable device that already runs plex server software without issue for multiple rooms.

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I would be willing to buy the shield myself and send it to you for testing if I thought it would increase our chance of roon core running on it.

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I doubt it would cope very well with DSP functions as these require a fast cpu which the shield does not have. The GPU does the main work for Plex. I found the library on Plex very slow when I had it on the shield itself worked much better when I switched to my QNAP to run it

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A roon server for shield TV any more likely given the release of 2019 Shield pro?

It’s not even close to their i3 nucleus so will hold back features.

That said running on some nas devices I also think is a bit weak.

Any news on if this will ever be a thing?

No chance currently it’s way under spec and no Roon server builds runs on Android.