Shuffle and Radio not to my liking

If I select a group of albums via my tag system or via focus I want albums played within that selection either by track (shuffle) or work (radio).

unless I’m missing something selecting either shuffle or radio selects items from the complete library and ignores my tag or focus - that is using the iPad.

It maybe that you are not choosing the right Shuffle and Radio. See the pic below:

I have selected 2 albums while in album view (Christine and the Queens & David Bowie). If I then click the Shuffle with the blue circle OR the radio next to it (hidden by the down down), it will ignore the selections and play a Shuffle or Radio on your whole album collection. If I instead, having selected those 2 albums, click on the down down (shown in the pic) and choose the Shuffle I’ve circled in Red, this will shuffle tracks from ONLY those two selected albums. Similarly, if I choose Start Radio from that same drop down, it will only use those two selected albums to seed the Radio function.

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Thanks for responding.

I think the problem lies with the iPad program. What you relate is here on this PC but cannot be accessed via the iPad.

Hi John,

I suspect you need to update the Roon app on your iPad.
On the iPad go into Roon --> Setting --> About to check what version is running.
Also make sure the iPad is running iOS 11.x.x as that is required for Roon 1.4.

Let us know how you get on.

Sorry John. I did miss the iPad bit. LOL, Happens when you post after midnight. I do not have an iPad so I cannot speak to its behavior.

Thanks Carl

About tells me Roon Version 1.4 (build 294) stable (64 bit).

I’ve updated the Applle IOS frequently an d is now 22.2.2.

But I just checked on this PC and I’m obviously not understanding as the same situation is there.

If I select “Chamber” from my tag I get this

From that there is no “Play Now” button which used to appear. So I do not have those choices to select for play.

If I focus on Schubert I get

and again have no play button. The only choices are Shuffle or Radio and that accesses the whole library, not my tag or focus selection.

What am I missing?

If you select albums (by long-pressing them, or right-clicking them on desktop), you’ll get options for playing that specific content, as shown in Rugby’s post above.

If you are “Focused” and want to play all the content in the browser (or even if you’re not Focused), the blue Shuffle button at the top of the browser will shuffle play all of the content you’re focused on.

Note that none of the above behavior has changed in the most recent version of Roon – clicking the blue [Roon 1.3] Play button in the browser has always shuffled the content of the browser.

One thing has changed [in Roon 1.4] – the button used to say “Play All”. It has always shuffled the content in the browser, but we changed the text on the button to more accurately describe what the button has always done.

This sounds wrong to me – are you saying if you focus on Schubert (or “Chamber”) and press “Shuffle” you get albums that are not part of that Focus?

Yes. It shuffles ALL album tracks, not just the selected tag or selected focus.

Here is an example. Bach selected under focus but shuffle is playing works from a dfifferent composer as you can see below.

@JOHN_COULSON – just keep in mind that you’re focused on “Albums Containing Bach” – if an album also has compositions by other composers and you shuffle everything, you may hear content that’s not actually by Bach.

If you only want Bach compositions, you should be focusing in the Composition browser, or pressing Shuffle on Bach’s composer page.

Does that help, or do you think something else is going on here?

Yers, you are correct, but that underlines that the system is not playing as requested.

Roon is clever at picking out Bach in a CD with a group of other works from other composers so why cannot it ONLY play the Bach work and not random among everything on the album?

But from this PC anyway, Roon is now behaving with both shuffle and radio if I select one of my tags.

PC or your iPad remote should look, feel and function that same way.

I just checked the iPad and yes, it is behaving the same as this PC as you say it should.

As with the PC it is behaving on tags. Not sure why it did not yesterday.

But the problem (for me) still remains with Focus.

22.2.2 … Are you sure, the latest iOS version is 11.2.2

You should perform this check on the iPad … to find out what version of the Roon Remote app is running.

Looks like I did not read carefully enough. You are correct Carl - I have not downloaded 11.2.2 but am doing that now. I incorrectly assumed that because the iPad had often been updated after notification, it was in fact up to date but that was incorrect.

So my concern about play from tags is misplaced but that from Focus remains, unless I’m still missing something - very possible!

iPad now updated. As reported before Roon version 1.4 build 294 stable 64 bit.

John, I think the behavior is consistent but perhaps not in an obvious way.

  1. When you are in the Album browser, Focus will find a set of albums that match. And as @mike says, that includes albums that have Bach compositions but may have other stuff. If you now play (shuffle) those albums, all the contents of those albums is included, including work by other composers.

A good way to see what is going on is to open up Bach, from the Artist browser or by clicking on his name in an album. In the upper right corner you see two buttons labeled Performer or Composer. Under Performer — we obviously don’t have recordings of Bach playing the organ, this just means albums where he is listed as one of the people contributing to the album. The point is, this lists Albums, so if you click the Shuffle button it will shuffle those albums, which may include compositions by other composers, the behavior you describe. But if you click on Composer, Roon shows Compositions which ignores albums, so Shuffle here would give you the behavior you want, Bach compositions only.

So Albums and Composers are different and shuffle differently. And in fact, if you select the Compositions browser, you can filter the Composer column and similarly play only Bach.

  1. The details of the behavior hinge on the word “selected” stuff as opposed to “focused”. The main screen shows the focus you, and the always visible Shuffle button pertains to the focused content (or unfocused). You the can select stuff, with long-press or right-click, followed by click-click-click on other stuff; as soon as you select something, that upper bar appears with the other Shuffle button.

So as we sometimes see, behavior may be totally consistent and logical, but perhaps not intuitive if you have not digested the principles. Ideally we want both intuitive and consistent behavior, but when the information we work with is complex, we may need to get over the learning curve.


Thanks Anders, very, very helpful. Obviously Roon is far more sophisticated than I am!!!

If I can get my act together, even partially, I might put together something about all the various play options Roon offers, run it past you guys for corrections, additions, and maybe it could help others.