Signal path: Audio Distribution

Forgive me but I’ve searched and have to find the answer,

I have a single RAAT device, Oppo 205, so I don’t have zone grouping on and yet I still see ‘Audio Distribution’ just after the Oppo in the signal path display. Is this expected as the Oppo outputs on all of it’s outputs all the time?

Yeah, the audio distribution component is part of the Oppo. It’s the subsystem that splits the stream for all of the different outputs and possibly does some output specific processing.

This topology was judged too complex/variable/situation-dependent to make explicit in signal path–however, their quality indicator (lossless or enhanced) should accurately reflect whether processing is happening in the path to the high quality analog outs on the back.

This will vary based on how you have the device configured. Stuff like bass management, speaker size, delay/distance, etc might introduce processing to the chain.

Thank you Brian, understood. I do have a 2.1 setup so it’s performing bass management.

I’m nearing the end of my trial and will continuing. I’m really liking how Roon is helping me discover music I forgot I had, plus the Tidal integration is pretty good. I’m looking forward to the Tidal/radio bug to be fixed.