Simpler views needed

Thanks…Notes should use imported Comments from iTunes.

+1 on that suggestion.

Thanks for the link to the keyboard shortcuts, Dan Levy. How many times have I clicked by it without noticing that treasure trove of information?

+1. The iTunes Comments field is where I put all notes relevant to me.

I came across this post after seaching for a simpler way to view the artist listing. I couldn’t agree more with Dan. I would love a way to view artists names only without the photo. Like many, I have a large collection of music. Sometimes one forgets about an artist, so being able to scroll quickly allows for rediscovery.

Also, is there any way to see an MQA indicator when searching for albums in Tidal? This would be similiar to how Tidal handles it directly in their app.



It seems fair to expect this solved when Roon releases MQA support proper.