Simply Audio Roon-endpoint and MQA

Don’t know about the RP4, but AFAIK older Raspberries are limited to 48kHz over HDMI. I believe you need a NUC. A NUC7CJYH should work fine, as a Roon Endpoint does not need a lot of CPU power.

It’s worth trying, but I would be very surprised if 192KHz over HDMI through a NUC really actually sounds better than 192KHz downsampled to 96KHz over coaxial through the Digione. Very, very surprised.

If you are considering replacing the receiver, you might want to look at the NAD models that are fully Roon Ready.

This is incorrect. The Node 2i is an MQA decoder and renderer and supports RAAT. Alternatively pair the Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 with a Stream Box.


I’d be surprised too, but the OP specifically wants to be able to play >96kHz Files.
If it were my setup, I’d either

  • Use the Chromecast Audio or a Hifiberry Digi+ to stream everything via SPDIF at max 96kHz, letting Roon do the first MQA unfold and downsampling as needed
  • Look into a NAD 758 V3, if a new AVR is in the cards (not sure whether the bluOS / Roon issues have been resolved though)

Hi Martin , I initially looked at the matrix in the Roon Users guide , and all the Bluesound players were marked as not having MQA RAAT, but the Bluesound Node 2i is not included in that list. So presumably the list is out of date ?

I guess so. If you can share the link I’ll flag it for updating.


Thanks. This States that MQA decoding isn’t possible over RAAT for the Bluesound Node 2i. This may be correct; their website says it is a decoder and renderer but that may well be with the Bluesound app.

But that’s not an issue since Roon can do the decide stage anyway. When I’m back home I’ll check with my Pulse Flex; I have this set to renderer only.

I don’t think the pulse flex is MQA and neither is my Pulse mini, but my Pulse 2 is a full MQA decoder and works well with Roon.
They all do, but I’m not fussed about lack of MQA on Flex and Mini as they are casual zones.

Yes, the Pulse Flex does support MQA*. The question is whether the decoder works with RAAT. I think I have mine set to Renderer Only, but I’m away from home so can’t check until tomorrow.

*This may have required a firmware update at some point.

I’ll have to look again sometime, see what’s happening.