Simply Nuc website

I learned about this website from some YT video. These are custom build NUCs with some impressive configurations. Some models are more expensive than Nucleus, but the fact that they contain Intel Xeon is amazing.

Per Roon’s CTO, Xeon processors are not the best choice.

They are not NUCs. They are passive computers with Xeons in them, and there’s nothing amazing about it - you can build one yourself using any number of cases from the likes of Streacom or HDPlex, and there’s a number of vendors that’ll sell you pre-built solutions.

What it comes down to is how many watts are dissipated, and will the case dissipate enough watts to avoid the whole thing dying from heat death: something around 200w is relatively trivial, 250-ish if you add a fan.

What’d qualify as impressive would be someone successfully putting a passively cooled gaming pc on the market (and then actually delivering, as opposed to Calyos), at a reasonable price. Not the little toys shoehorned into Streacom cases, the monster rigs of incels and neckbeards, those with 400W CPUs and 350w graphics cards. HQPlayer could probably use that, and if not HQPlayer, MadVR…

I don’t passively cool mine. I embrace the Fan!!!. However, noctua fans are far superior to anything in a basic NUC.


see NUC9vXQNX. The NUC line is split across 2 themes… one for gaming and one for everyone else… This was one of the gaming (!) boxes.