Slow searches, in general slow

hi, wired cat 6 connection to a mac min m1 chip 16 meg memory, 0,5 terabyte ssd disk, nothing else running. why is roon so slow more than often? Fiber connection 500/100. this evening search does not work at all.
Could you please focus on always keeping the most important things a priority, quality music streaming, speedy searches. Everything else is bomus.

Thank you, Johan


Having the same problem this evening. The app is really slow to load anything. Broadband speed is fine at 200mb

We’re experiencing a hiccup with one of our cloud services. Should be back to normal soon.

Sorry about that!


Cheers for the quick update Andrew!

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Roon Core Machine

Intel nuc10i7 Roon rock.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Talk Talk modem/router. Cisco unmanaged switch. Ethernet to Roon Rock.

Connected Audio Devices

Usb from rock to DAC. Ethernet to Devialet Expert Pro 440.

Number of Tracks in Library

250 + Albums.

Description of Issue

System has been stable for months up until this evening. Qobuz taking a long time to load albums.

Red triangle indicates metadata improver has stopped. Rebooted the rock core, rebooted the ISP modem/router.

Any ideas please?

I moved your post to this thread as it is known to Roon and is being worked on.
Hopefully it will be resolved soon.
Appreciate your patience and stay tuned.

Thanks Andrew, I did wonder what was occurring as it’s usually glitch free for me!

All good now, appreciate the response.

Yep, I just had a patch of very slowness, and abject search failures repeatedly giving me this:

Same, search is completely broken right now, it only finds local library stuff!

Seems fine for me here in the UK.

This is way too often the case for me.

Could you please give an update on this? I am usually patient with Roon’s occasional hiccups, but my partner is less so and I can no longer explain the tardiness away by our old Mac mini core, since we upgraded it last week to a brand new model with the intention of improving Roon’s speed and stability. Alas, things have been worse than before and the only thing stopping her from vetoing Roon altogether and taking us back to Spotify is Joe Rogan.

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The issue with the back-end service was corrected within 15 minutes of my original post so if you’re still experiencing slowness there’s another issue at play. Can you please describe your issue in a little more depth?

Slow searches (queries taking > 5s) was my main issue and I experienced it for a couple of days up to when I posted. It does seem to have become much faster now since Sunday. Things now take about 1-2 seconds mostly.

What should I expect the average search query response time be for a 100k tracks lib of almost exclusively Qobuz content, if everything is setup well on my side?

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