Some Qobuz 24/96 albums actually 16/96?

Further investigation completed (by me!) No problems here. Playing at 96/24.

@Fred_von_Lohmann1 is this a new problem? What DAC are you using? What country are you accessing Qobuz in? What star sign are you? (Only kidding on the last one :wink:)


No issues for me. Plays at the correct rate according to my DAC.

Lumin native Qobuz detects it as 24/96.

If your DAC detects other 24-bit Qobuz albums correctly, perhaps the data stream has some least significant zeroes.

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OK, so I’ve dug in more. I’m finding mixed bit depths on some Qobuz albums. So it’s just some tracks on the album. The 16 bit tracks all initially display as 24/96, then immediately the display steps down to 16/96. My guess is that while Qobuz may label a whole album as 24/96, in some cases, the actual tracks are a mix of differing bit depths? Curious.

For example, on Kevin Morby’s album, This is a Photograph, I’m seeing 24/96 for track #1 and #2, then 16/96 for the rest.

Similarly, on Cassandra Jenkins’ album, (An Overview on) An Overview on Phenomenal Nature, I’m getting 16/96 on all tracks other than #4 and #5.

For both of these albums, TIDAL only has the 16/44 versions, so I can’t compare how bit depth is across platforms.

What DAC are you using? What country are you accessing Qobuz in?

dCS Rossini DAC in the USA.


If you’re the only person experiencing this then it points to an issue at your end (hardware or software) rather than an issue with Qobuz.

Cassandra Jenkins isn’t even hires according to the Qobuz app and plays at 44.1 so not sure how your getting that res. I own that album as well and it’s 44.1 all way through.

@RBM is your DAC confirming what Roon signal path says? Sorry for not being clearer, but what I’m seeing is that Roon’s signal path reports 24/96, but my DAC is receiving 16/96.

@CrystalGipsy definitely shows as 24/96 on Roon via Qobuz for me.

@SukieInTheGraveyard sure, but that’s what I’m trying to confirm here, whether it’s just on my end. Does your DAC report bit depth, and does it accord with Roon’s signal path on these Qobuz tracks?

Not in the uk I used the Qobuz app cd quality only

My DAC confirms that (as other tracks in this album) it’s PCM 88.2/96/176.4/192/352.8/384kHz

PCM 44.1/48kHz would have different LED color.


Regional Qobuz cock up I suspect. I don’t honestly trust their hires as being proper hires most of the time as buying it on Bandcamp they are often less than what qobuz claims which seems at odds.

Only one hires one and it’s neither of the those ones.

Oh, well i guess the DAC isnt the problem… :money_mouth_face:

Most probably yes. I’m subscribed to Qobuz US.

I have hires of the main album from Bandcamp and only cd for the (An Overview On) version. I suspect some rights fun between nations. They really need to sort this stuff out by now everything’s more or less global.

It’s worth presenting your finding to Qobuz themselves. Qobuz do have albums that show as Mixed Format (see below), but obviously that’s not what your talking about. Roon will take the format info straight from the Audio Properties of the streamed track, so I’m assuming that’s showing as 96/24. Very strange.

From the Matrix Remote app while using the Matrix Element X as Roon Ready endpoint.

Works fine here.

We’ve got confirmation from another dCS user.

Seems there are some “mixed format” albums on Qobuz that aren’t labeled as such. Also interesting that Roon’s signal path (and perhaps some software-based DACs) appears to report the label from Qobuz without checking the bitstream.

Anyhow, not complaining, just a curious finding.

See zero padding.

Among DACs that report word length, most report full logical word length. Some DACs, though, report only active word length, that is full logical word length minus any LSB zero padding (e.g. 24 bit - 8 bit zero padding = 16 bit).