Song based instant radio, spanning own library and Tidal

Sometimes, I would just love to listen to a specific type of music. So I select a song and start a radio from it. Unfortunately, this only includes songs that are already in my library. For me, this is limiting my way to discover new artists and songs as I am locked-in to my existing known music universe. It would be really great (and other services are doing this perfect, by the way) if an instant radio would span my library and Tidal and therefore include songs from both worlds. Right now, there is a huge disconnect between my library and Tidal.


It’s funny how in another thread someone asks, ‘How can I make Tidal less intrusive?’. The Roon team have their work cut out.
Options options…

If it’s a choice between making Tidal less intrusive and making radio play Tidal tracks not currently in my library, I’m all for the Tidal tracks.


Me too. I don’t usually use Radio but I’d want it to access Tidal for really new songs to discover.

As far as I’m concerned, this is really the only thing missing from the Roon/Tidal integration. I’d love to include Tidal tracks in Radio!


Whenever I want to discover new music, I now switch to Google Music, because Roon only lets me play automatically existing playlists or scrobble songs already in my library. This limits me in finding new stuff. And it brings down the value of Roon. Right now, I think I am using Roon max. 30% of the time, when listening to music.

+1 to include Tidal in Roon RADIO


I’ve seen numerous requests about this in this forum but has there been a clear answer of the devs somewhere? I would personnally love to have all Tidal songs (not just mine) in Artist / Album radios and disabling this would be relatively easy through options (gradually for instance: disabled / My Tidal Favorites / all Tidal). Are there technical or Tidal-side limitations to this?

This recent post by Brian gives a good indication Radio is going: