sonicTransporter i5 vs an NUC for running Roon Server

(Andrew Gillis) #22

HQplayer requires a desktop OS such as Microsoft Windows. We do sell a Windows based unit for HQplayer.

(George Carlson) #23

Thanks Andrew - more than I was looking to spend.

What would it take to make the sonic transport a windows based machine? Would that be something that an intermediate DIY’r could do?

(Andrew Gillis) #24

Not really also for HQplayer your want extra power and RAM. That is why we sell this unit specifically for HQplayer.

(George Carlson) #25

Yeah but i don’t need the CD burner or the drive…


Are you using DSD with HQPlayer ?

(Andrew Gillis) #27

The HQplayer version does not have a CD burner or a music drive. It only has a small super fast SSD for the OS, Roon and HQplayer. This unit works very well with DSD up to DSD512.

PC to run HQP advice please
(George Carlson) #28

Sorry I read the wrong specs.

(George Carlson) #29

Yes I am. .

(Jimmytwotimes) #30

Based on my experience I would go with the NUC . Trust me on this.

(Scott Winders) #31

…and based on my experience I would go with the sonicTransporter i5. Trust me on this.

(Jimmytwotimes) #32

I like Nucs because they are multifunctional

(simon arnold) #33

Not if running ROCK which is why they are mainly purchased. If you want multi-purpose you can install Roon server on any i3 or above machine and most os.