[SonicTransporter] Not seeing music on USB Drives [resolved]

Hi , is there any way to revert back to 1.2 or whatever was the previous version to 1.3 on the Sonictransporter and still use the iphone app?

Mmmmm, that’s a shame, sorry about that.

So, the external devices don’t show up in the folder browser when you try and add a watched folder? Or they can be selected but no music gets added?

I’m assuming you’ve described the issue to support but just trying to think of ways to help you in the interim.

Have you contacted the sT manufacturer?

The hard drive is seen in the drive mounter app but no music gets added.

It doesn’t matter what hard drive I attach to the sonic transporter.
When I go to the path where the music is , the sonictrasnporter says folder is empty but it is not.

I can attach to my Auralic Aries and it scans and plays perfectly on all hard drives I have ,which are several.

No folder can be seen. It just says folder is empty… but it is not. I have tried to add three different drives and all the same problem.

Ok . I decided to check the read only box in Disk Mounter settings, hit force rescan and all of a sudden the drives music is importing ! This is not a guarantee I will have not have problems later though .
The IPhone app still struggles to connect to the Sonictransporter . If I close the app 2-3 times , I can get the Sonictransporter to ready and enter the app . Still seems very unstable .

looks like this was resolved in another thread