Sonore now supports HQ Player. How to setup?

Sonore’s new OS 2.7 for microRendu and other products now supports HQ Player. Can someone explain to me how to set that up in conjunction with Roon? What are the advantages of adding HQ Player? How will this affect playing MQA files from Tidal?

My system is microRendu>ISO REGEN>Pro-Ject PreBox S2 Digital DAC.


Hi Geoff,

The significant change here is that the SonicTransporter servers now have HQ Player Embedded built in. The microRendu has had the HQ Player NAA (Network Audio Adaptor) since first release.

If you do not have a SonicTransporter server, you can install HQ Player Desktop on a Windows, Mac or Linux computer. In either case I think an HQ Player licence must be purchased after the trial period in order to continue using.

HQ Player is used as a virtual endpoint with Roon and performs similar upsampling and convolving functions as Roon, but has a wider variety of filters and modulators.

I described my view of HQ Player in this thread.

I’d suggest starting with upsampling in the Roon DSP Engine, and if you like what it does, then looking at HQ Player.


@andybob Many thanks! All of this is quite confusing so I appreciate the reference to your earlier thread.