Sonos endpoints?

I have both Sooloos endpoints available in my main listening space but also have Sonos endpoints in kids rooms etc - Sooloos are visible in Roon and work great but do not have any visibility of Sonos. Would also be nice to be able to use sonos endpoints - is this likely to be feasible?

Sonos does every bit of streaming in a mostly proprietary way. Unfortunately, it makes our lives much harder.

We’ll keep at it, but it’s not looking good.

Well, if JRiver can use DLNA method to stream to Sonos, I’m sure you guys are smart enough to do something similar. :smile:

I have faith in you guys.

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I guess what you need is a generic http endpoint - think ShoutCAST done properly (Lossless).

The Roon could produce it’s own stream at http://my-roon-core:nnn/someurl.wav the any third party streaming devices could subscribe in the same way as Internet Radio. The Core could take care of codec conversion etc.
Job done,


Oh boy @Rik – have we tried and tried… almost everyone falls over with an infinite stream like that. UPnP and Sonos included :frowning:

What a PITA. I know it works well with Linn stuff (I’ve used something similar in my own hacking). But you have Linn covered with your SongCast offering so no point wasting cycles there.