Sort Tidal tracks/albums by the date they were added

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Lifetime member here, I do apologise if this has already been raised.

A feature I would really like that I don’t think would be too much effort to implement, is the ability to sort Tidal tracks and albums by the date they were added. This is the default way Tidal displays them and as I use the native Tidal app on the go, I’m used to my music being in that order. When I go to listen on my home setup, I find myself switching between Tidal and Roon so I can find track names on Tidal to find on the alphabetically sorted list on Roon.

A simple feature that would make my whole experience more seamless.


Does this not work for you (View Albums, Sorted by Date Added)?

And in view Tracks, there is an option to add a “Date Added” column that can be sorted.

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I wish we had Date Added option in Playlists but I guess that’s another topic

I guess I use the software slightly differently, as all my music is on Tidal I go via TIDAL —> Your collection —> Albums (or Tracks) —> View all. They both appear only in alphabetical order. It’s here the sort by date would be useful.

I might not be using the full power of Roon by using it mainly this way, but I feel the “Tracks” section is mixed with all individual album tracks where as the Tidal --> Your collection --> Tracks is just my starred tracks.

You can use the Focus/Format/TIDAL feature in the Track browser to show just the TIDAL tracks from your library - if you create a Bookmark for this view you can instantly call it up in the future…