"Sorting by Most Played" is inconsistent

Although for me Roon is the best music program I’ve ever used, one thing keeps coming to my mind.

Unfortunately the option “Sorted by Most Played” ist not consistent throughtout the different elements:

At the Album Browser the albums are sorted by duration of the tracks which were listened to. I think that´s the right method. So an album with three long tracks (60min) is higher up in the list than a ten track album (50min) - when I listen both of them once.

At the Artist Browser the artists are sorted by the number of tracks played. That mean for example that jazz musicians with long tracks are further back in the list than artists with short tracks, although I listen more/longer to the jazz musicians. Here it should also sort by the duration of the tracks I listened to.

At Composers, the “Sorted by Most Played” is not counting the tracks which are composed but rather it is the same thing like at the Artist Browser. I listen a lot to Classical music and it would be really nice to sort the Composers by the duration of the compositions/tracks I listened to (or at least to the number of tracks). Another major problem: if a composer is not an artist, he is not recognized in this sorting.

Also a “Sorted by Most Played” function on the level of Compositions would be really nice. So I can see what compositions I listened to the most (or the longest time).

If it is already possible to change these things in the settings, please let me know. Otherwise, I would be happy if you think about the implementation.



This has been discussed. The current time based methodology was option Roon choose to go with when it updated to version 1.3.



@mike, @vova, If he is right about this, then both of these are not working as designed. Lets find out.

This seems like a reasonable sort to add to that page next time we’re working around there.

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Thank you for your reply.

Although not listed in the release notes of version 1.5; the Most Played sorting in the Artist browser is now based on the duration of the played tracks and no longer on the number of played tracks.

Thanks Roon team, I like it!

Very interesting. The artist view looks now very different. But somehow more “true”.

I think this still needs work. The current implementation does not do the best job when you expect to see your most played albums with this feature. Maybe try a formule that combines both trackcount and time spent listening?

Not for me, I love it the way it is based on time spent playing rather than track count. For me track count is a frustratingly flawed metric as it simply does not reflect how I listen in real life. I also use Last.fm which uses track count and this nowhere near reflects my actual listening habits.