Sound Quality - Ethernet Cable Length 1M v. 14M any Difference?

Some folk must have amazing hearing coupled with amazingly resolving equipment used in pristine, professionally optimized audio listening environments. Or, placebo is hard at work, or their kit is faulty and/or not up to scratch.

I do not know about my hearing and doubt it is better than anyone else’s, but my kit is highly musically and I have had professional acoustic engineers help with my listening space. Not sure it is pristine although it is balanced. I’m one of the many lucky folks out here that enjoy their music and it is fun to figure out what works and doesn’t with the help of the spirited audio community. I gather from this discussion that I’m well within limits as long as there’s not a lot of RF.

[quote=“Timothy_Martin, post:22, topic:15948”]
I gather from this discussion that I’m well within limits as long as there’s not a lot of RF.
[/quote] Pretty much, and even if there were high rf it doesn’t automatically follow that it’d cause audible interference. Your more likely to experience that kind of interference through a USB cable.

I’m interested can you explain more why this is the case? Thanks.

Network wiring by its construct is more immune to interference. Our winters are very dry and my listening room becomes a static nightmare - I get audible interference via USB unless I add a ferro magnet to the mix. Not the case when using coax or optical.

That is a best quote I have heard all year…definitely going to use that one!!! Brilliant!!!

“Nor keep such a closed mind that it can’t breathe either”

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I share the same experiences as Roony and Crom and would also recommend an open mind and some experimentation especially if you feel you have a well balanced system.

Long before the article on Audiostream I started using the “optical bridge” mentioned for complete isolation from the rest of my network. It gave a very good improvement. The fiber media converter on the side closest to the system is powered by a Paul Hynes SR7EHD-MR4 which also powers my Mutec and microRendu (from different rails). It’s important to not use a cheap walwart here.

My current chain:
Roon server computer - Netgear switch 1 - cheap cat6 20 meters - Netgear switch 2- FMC 1 - optical fiber - FMC 2 - Audioquest Diamond RJ/E ethernet - Sonore microRendu - Curious USB cable 0.2m - Mutec MC-3+ USB - Shunyata ΞTRON Anaconda Digital XLR AES/EBU - Devialet 250

Like Roony also mentioned unfortunately even the cable after the second FMC (into my microRendu) mattered. The Diamond bettered the Vodka I used which was too forward in upper midrange and treble. The Diamond gave a much more relaxed and musical result. Both outperformed a short 50 cm 600Mhz spec CAT7 cable with Hirose connectors.

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Why not use plastic optical fibre? Thats what I am currently doing. No interference from electrics and nice thin cables easy to slot away anywhere too :slight_smile:

Iam using Cat 6 tru out the house i experience zero difference tbh 1 or 40 meters.

That’s interesting just from the diameter point of view that it can be easier to run and discreet. Do you know the diameter and how it compares to cat 6.

Cat6 length can be 100 meters. Cable length only matters when too much packets are lost, this is solved by tcp/ip error correction. If you run longer than this, place a repeater in between and packet loss should be kept in check.

If your home is large enough to need more than 100 meters, you must able to pay for the repeaters needed. :wink:

I run Cat5e in my house and everything just works. Listening to Alan Tousaint just now. Even undecoded for MQA it sounds magnificent. I don’t think the cables make a jot of difference as long as they are in spec.