Spotify or Spotify HiFi in Roon [spotify will not allow this]

I love Roon… Been a lifetime subscriber since July 2015. But seriously hjow many people are we talking about? 10,000? If someone knows please PM me, I’m interested in knowing.

Roon subscribers presumably represent a tiny proportion of Spotify subscribers - therefore Spotify aren’t giving much up if they were to allow Roon integration. Presumably they can still monitor which tracks have been streamed so I can’t really see how they’d really be losing out on user tracking.

Similarly, the numbers are so small that Spotify won’t be worried about losing, potentially, every Roon customer to Tidal (unless Roon numbers swell to a large degree). I don’t see the value of giving up info on our owned collections and listening habits to Spotify as a bargaining chip - in fact, I’d be minded to think of it as a rather bad idea to share all that personal information.

I suppose all we can do is make out voices heard at Spotify and hope that they care enough to change their mind and allow Roon to implement their integration solution.

For me, Tidal is becoming more and more embedded in my listening life. A move back to Spotify is difficult without Roon integration as my lounge audio system is no longer ‘Spotify Connect’ enabled. I do miss some of my Spotify playlists, though.

You may have already come across this and I’ll add that it’s not perfect but I’ve done a few transfers relatively successfully.

Worth a try if you want to save time on transferring playlists.



Thanks for this. Looking in to it now.

This works pretty well.

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Looks like Spotify HiFi is building more momentum.

Did you listen to the samples? Awful, why wouldn’t they have samples with a wide dynamic range? All sounded same to me but I really couldn’t be bother to try to discern differences from poor sources. My analogy would be to shoot a foggy golf course to illustratre the differences between different lenses.

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Got them right by just comparing the graphs… dumb test

They were poor samples to use in my opinion but I guess that was intentional to make it harder.
I actually got them all right so either my hearing isn’t as bad as I think, I am very lucky or there really is a noticeable difference if you take the time to listen properly.

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There was a very interesting section on this in one of The MQA videos with Bob Stuart and Bob Ludwig along with the chap from Mytec as to why the loss of upper frequency has less effect on your music enjoyment than you may think.
It’s to to with the Logrythmic scale use to measure things and how we perceive sound.

If I find a link I will post it but the upshot is your still able to enjoy great music.

Spotify’s algorithms are the best! They know what we listen to and tailor playlists to that, a great way to find new and old music!

C’mon folks. We all know the future is Amazon Music Unlimited…

Ok. Seriously. Spotify has got too big. I got Sonos when it first came out and they started offering Spotify through it. It worked for Spotify - they were small and needed subscribers. A few years later there seemed to be an issue and Spotify wasn’t available for a while.

Roon are better off finding smaller providers (maybe like Slacker Radio) for whom the subscribers of Roon as well as the hardware vendors it opens up to them are attractive.

If you’re not happy Spotify isn’t on here then go complain to Spotify. Oh. And buy a subscription to Roon. By ditching Roon it’s a bit of a self fulfilling prophesy. Get behind Roon so they’re more attractive to other services. :slight_smile:

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I don’t think it is about numbers for Spotify. It is about control, and they may feel they lose some of that when they are not dictating how their music is streamed, how it is displayed and what metadata accompanies it. My view is very simple though. Until Spotify start the much vaunted lossless streaming service they announced in reaction to MQA, it simply isn’t good enough to run with Roon. And of course it is still up to them to say yes to Roon if they are happy to be anonymised behind someone else’s product.

Agreed - I don’t think it is about numbers. Anymore. Once upon a time it was important for them (so they did a deal with Sonos). That time has gone. But there are other companies out there for whom it still is important - hence getting behind Roon.

I agree completely. I have a Spotify family subscription and the Tidal HiFi, I only use with Roon. I hate Tidal, but as long as I only see it through Roon it goes. Several times per week I check Spotify recommendations, and music I like, I add to Tidal :grinning:

  • I also reached the 10.000 song library limit in Spotify anyway though.

It’s about data. They want to collect ALL usage data. This includes all playlists, all clicks, all searches, everything. If you think about the Spotify Connect solution, it is absolutely brilliant: they have you use their client to browse and setup play whereas a remote device does the actual playing - win-win for everyone except those that would like to use a different client such as Roon.

For this reason I expect them to never want to integrate with Roon or any other platform. The exception to this rule was the Sonos integration, which they had to do at the time given customer demand. But even that will be phased out in favor of Spotify Connect on Sonos (which works great).

Yes, you can Follow Spotify playlists for discovery purposes and the convert them to Tidal. For now I actually have a paid subscription to it!

+1 not so frequently as you though :slight_smile: