Springsteen official live first MQA release, or is it? [Answered]

Hi there!

I just received the new Springsteen official live release from Wachovia Center, Philadelphia 2009-10-20.
This is a 24/48 HD-release that Roon shows with the MQA tag in the artwork lower right corner.

Oddly only some files seem to have the MQA tagged onto them, to am I completely lost here?
Look at the screenshot from disc 1, that has only track titles. Same with disc 3, but disc two has a tagged note that says Flac 24/48, except for one file that says FLAC 48kHz 24bit, MQA 176.4kHz.

Does this mean that all files are actually MQA, or just the one?
Or is it a minor bug that make ROON not read that content correctly somehow?


It’s a bug. See this.


That’s what I suspected, thanks!

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