SQ - HDMI direct or Ethernet to HDMI adaptor or something else

I’m looking to serve my xmc1 through Roon and the hdmi input (for multichannel hi res files). I can set my computer right next to the receiver and connect hdmi out to the receiver or I could leave the computer in the other room and use a cheap Ethernet to hdmi connector.

Or is ther a better option for SQ?

What I have experienced with Ethernet to HDMI was in conference room. Went through several of them before we found a stable one to work.

In the end the one that is currently being used (2 years now) does not have as bright of a picture as hooking it up direct through a HDMI cable.

I know that your question is about audio however in the end, the results although it did work was degraded. I have no way of knowing exactly what is being degraded. Is it just the video and or also the audio.

Because of that even though I cannot categorically say for sure what all is degraded, I would use the HDMI cable.

But that’s just me.

Nowadays people who need long HDMI may look at fiber HDMI instead. That’s much more promising, and many videophiles use it, especially for projector setups. However, since the converter electronics inside the cable need power from the devices, there is an inherent concern with device-specific compatibility.

Probably the receiver-side Ethernet to HDMI converter in the particular HDMI over Ethernet solution (not talking about Roon endpoint with HDMI output) incurs more noise or interference, although many people here believe bits are bits are they cannot make any difference.

Videophiles who use projector often report improved PQ with fiber HDMI. Interestingly enough, I’ve also read a report of decreased SQ although PQ is improved at the same time.