Squeezebox/Transporter Display Improvements [Done in 1.3]

yes to both questions.

Thanks. Anybody know of any work arounds to either question?

My system consists of a Duet, a Touch and two Radio’s. I want full control for my Radio’s as they are used by my children. The Touch and Duet are used in the living room / kitchen and use Roon controlling these. The Radio’s use the LMS, so have full control on hardware buttons. I’m afraid this is the only way to do this.

If you want to use both LMS and Roon in one network, please make sure to run them on separate machines.

PS. my Touch can still use the drive buttons (play, stop,…) on the display, but I cannot browse the music.

Thanks Gabriel - exactly the info I need. My set-up and family use is very similar to yours. Have you found a sleep timer function in the Roon app? We fall asleep to music playing on a Touch. Thanks again.

That’s still missing and is requested a lot on this forum, wait for the next update I guess…


The options for a squeezebox boom display all include having a large ‘Roon’ logo on the screen or have it blank.

I’d like to see a smaller roon and the screen be used for the VU meter of levels etc rather than advertising for roon :wink:

As a fully paid up lifer I am already telling people of the virues of Roon and them seeing it on my Boom(s) looks a little in your face and not discreet :slight_smile:

Thanks for your consideration.

You can already do this. Just use the Display button on the remote to cycle through the options (including blank)…

v1.2 always has to show the very large roon on the display or blank for me.

I wanted the roon logo removed on some of the options, so I could actually see the VU meter and Spectrum Analyser.

I have;

Roon Logo
Roon Logo + Spectrum Analyser
Roon Logo + VU Meter
Blank Screen

and I wanted the additional options;

Spectrum Analyser
VU Meter

Logitech Transport is the same way - I’m fine with “Logo + Spectrum Analyser” but understand your perspective. I personally would prefer track meta-data but I believe that Roon has stated they weren’t planning on putting more effort into legacy squeezebox tech and were focusing on the platform instead (presumably, rightfully so, assuming that there aren’t a lot of squeezebox owners using Roon).


I’m a recent convert to Roon from LMS, works a treat.

I do though rely on the time display on my trusty Squeezebox 2 which unfortunately isn’t available when connected to the Roon library, or could I be missing how to enable this?

Appreciating this can’t be that high up the development priority list, it would be wonderful to get some basic local features such as the time display and some functionality from the remote control on an SB2.


I’d love to see this feature, if the volume control could also be active then I can leave the SBs in Roon mode rather than switch back and forth.

I want this too, but the “technical” problem (believe it or not) is that the Roon team would have to implement their own font server (!) and send the pixels to the Squeezebox.

Thats a shame…
I’ve done an eBay upgrade to a Touch, couldn’t resist…

And what did my wife just say… couldn’t you just hide it away in a cabinet! The SB2 would have been just fine then.

SB2 is off for a new life in another room.

Currently if I set the Display Style to Roon Logo + VU Meter - the VU meter element displays within the left hand display panel along with the Roon Logo. Wondering if VU meters displaying in the right hand panel is feasible as per standard Transporter functionality?

I consolidated a bunch of related feature requests into this thread.

The main hangup here has been that the Roon Core needs a font rendering + a set of properly licensed fonts that cover a variety of languages/scripts. This needs to be available on all of our supported core platforms, including barebones embedded situations that provide no fonts or font related infrastructure. Squeezebox displays didn’t justify that level of effort by themselves.

The good news is: we found another reason to need that font rendering infrastructure, so it was built recently.

Now that we have a font engine available, we’re going to go through this thread and implement some more display options.

A small taste of (some of) what’s to come…


Ooh, that’s great news Brian…

If you’re consolidating, my top 3 squeezebox wishes would be this now playing text, a clock when in standby and support for the JVC DVD remotes. By default slimserver supports its own custom remote and the JVC DVD remote, which allows 3rd party (all-in-one) remotes to control the units…

Another wish, although not squeeze related would be for some filename format options when auto-tagging/renaming files. I think it defaults to %tracknum%.%trackname% but my library is in %tracknum% - %trackname% format… Just a simple template in a config file would be a godsend…

Ooh, that sounds intriguing! Perhaps we’ll be able to assemble an RPi with a HAT and small display as a new class of Roon Endpoint… What say you, @RBM ?

I’m not too fond of displays myself (in my squeezebox days, I set them all to black ;-)), but for the Pi my bet would be that the upcoming Roon API would be an easier route to follow, since the font-rendering stuff is already taken care of on the Pi.

But – since I know next to nothing about the API or Roon’s shiny new font rendering structure and what it is used for – this is guesswork only.

@brian thats great news that you needed to do it elsewhere, so I’ll take that if it helps keep my trusty squeezeboxes going a little longer :slight_smile:

Thanks very much.

Edit: Let me know if you need it testing with a squeezebox radio/touch/boom.

This is tremendous news. Thanks.