I am leaning towards this (from Roon KB):


Here’s a solid buy if you are in the US. $70 for NVMe and MLC.

Read/Write is 2100/600 MB/s

…or you can go up to 256 Mb, also an MLC, for $105 and with higher read/write of 2400/1100 MB/s:

I went ahead and ordered this. It should work fine. If it does not, it is fairly inexpensive, and can get something else down the road.

Thanks everyone for your help!

I cannot get a Samsung 960 to work in my NUC 5i7RYH. ROCK starts to install, looks like it did, but when I rebooted I get a page full of errors about can’t find certain files, folders, etc. Anyone have ideas? Do I need to update BIOS? Thanks!

The 5i7 and 6i7 aren’t officially supported for ROCK are they? Although that may have nothing to do with your problem of course.

wow, this is a really really good deal right now – if the device works.

While they aren’t officially supported mine seems to work well. It came with Win 10 installed on a Samsung 850EVO M.2. But I did not get a Windows 10 re-install image. So, I wanted to keep it in case I wanted to move the NUC back to Windows.

I suspect my problem is that the 960 is not compatible with my NUC. I am swapping it for another 850EVO, identical to the one that came in the NUC, so that should work.

I think the Samsung 960 series are NUC7ix only

I installed the Samsung 850EVO and ROCK is running perfectly. So, it was indeed incompatibility with the 960 for my particular NUC. Thanks all.

That’s worth knowing for the rest of us

Others are reporting that the 951 NVMe stick is having problems with the 5th generation NUCs, but not the 6th and 7th.

On the general subject, I’m confused that some M2 SSDs seem to be 3.3v while others are 5v. Is this relevant when considering which to use?

Don’t know. This is why we put up devices we know work, and anything else is up to you.

Just for historical reference for others looking for hardware options, I bought the Toshiba 128 gb xg3 SSD- and it works in the i7 NUC. Adding the quote and link below- but you can get this SSD at other online vendors as well- maybe cheaper.