Steps to Upgrade Internal Storage Drive in Nucleus

John, thanks for the suggestion. I have considered a NAS many times, and while I may get one in the future, as long as my music collection will fit on an internal SSD in the Nucleus, I would prefer to stick with that configuration. It’s silent, takes up no extra space, is cheaper than a NAS, and requires no management work. While a RAID 5 configuration offers drive failure tolerance, a friend of mine had his RAID 5 NAS fail recently due to a motherboard failure in the NAS, so they’re not a 100% fail-safe solution.

In addition to the SSD inside the Nucleus, I have my music backed on two separate hard drives inside my PC, on an external USB drive attached to my PC, and also in Cloud storage. So a SSD failure in the Nucleus is not going to put me out of business.