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I was a “purchasing at a discount” beta tester on these. I sent my unit back. Had some connectivity problems with my network.

The Nova is not Lan Enabled. Their is a WiFi button but the technology was not included in the units so it currently does not function. According to Peachtree tech support, at some point soon, the WiFi module will be finished and there will be an option to send teh unit back it to have it updated.

No snake oil. It’s made by ICRON who’ve been making USB extenders (over ethernet) for a while.


PS Audio have this made by ICRON but with some tweaks like replacing the switching regulator for a low noise linear regulator and a couple others.

The ICRON models need higher voltage too (for powering multiple USB outputs). The PS Audio version needs just 5Vdc.

I’ve owned one. Worked really well.

Network cable to the Raspberry Pi and then a USB between the Pi and the Nova. I would still look into a MicroRendu.

I was specifically referring to the descriptions of their improving the USB audio signal…reducing jitter, etc. I am not an EE so I cannot provide a scientific opinion, but I think it is a valid question that if these USB-cleansing devices do have any value, why are they not built into high-end DACs?

…But I really don’t want to reignite that debat :sunglasses:

Hi again, Thanks for your patience. Again, I am looking to expand my Roon system to a new office with floor standing KEF
IQ90’s. I now understand I need a new endpoint or Roon Ready hardware between my network cable and my integrated amp. I am considering: 1) Bluesound Powernode 2; I love the ease of integration, the size, and without tinkering with a computer device. The negative is the 40w / channel of the amp. 2) NAD C388 with integral BluOS module. Plus is the 150 w / channel.
negative is the size of unit and the cost (around $1800 -2000. 3) Peachtree Audio NOVA 150 integrated amp. Cute size and great reviews. Here I would need an outboard device, like a Bluesound NODE 2 ($499) or something like a Micro Rendu or Raspberry PI. I am not fond of the computer tinkering, but asking if sound quality is better with these options vs the Bluesound Node. Appreciating all comments and experience here. I am looking for best sound quality, not just filling another room with music. My main system is Classe Pre and Classe amp, with KEF reference speakers. Thanks again, Ken.

Absolutely. I was only discussing their main function only - USB audio over the ethernet network. Handy over long distances in the home, to a USB DAC. They enlisted ICRON’s expertise there, as I mentioned.

I am trying to decide between the and c388 and the nova 150. Had the 300 for 2 weeks testing.

How are you liking the C388? Does it have the installed MDC BluOS module?
I am just seeing there is a new BuuOS module, the BlueOS 2. So wondering if
the current C388’s have the older version still. I am leaning towards the NAD,
it has everything in one package, and tone controls old school style, which I like.
My nice Classe Pre has such complicated equalization I have never been able
to easily play with the tone, and the Nova has no tone controls.
Still, I just love the size of the Peachtree Nova,
but would need an add on Bluesound Node or Raspberry Pi (which sounds better?) Let us
know how the NAD sounds and I am sure how easily the Roon integrates.
Thanks, Ken.

Well, I am about to get my local audio store to loan me the C388. Don’t think they have one with the BluOs module, but, if I got the unit, I would add it in for sure.

The Nova 300 sounded very very nice. I don’t really need the 300 watts, so was considering the 150. I have heard my new speakers as driven by the NAD. I need to hear them with the Nova.

Nucleus by Roon Labs. This sounds like a great solution. is it currently unavailable?? How can I purchase one? Thx for the help Brian.

@SquareCat I’ve PM’d you.

avant la lettre NUC as described by Brian (?)

Great tips! I have a large library (over 500k flac songs), am new to Roon, and have been experiencing slow load and stability issues. I have an i7 build with a SSD but only had 6GB of ram. Increased ram to 32GB and now ROON loads quicker (still not nearly as quick as JRiver) and I’ve not had any stability issues.

Thanks Brian!

How important is SSD speed for the ROCK install? I have a NUC coming which comes with a 120gb M2 SATA SSD which I suspect will be the absolute cheapest (and probably slowest!) M2 cards around; will it make any discernible difference getting a decent PCIE/NVME M2 card??

@bassman you will be fine… any ssd should suffice. M.2 is still faster than most SATA types anyway.

M.2 is a form factor. M.2 storage devices come as SATA or NVMe. NVMe is faster than SATA, but M.2 SATA is same performsnce as normal SATA connector in 2.5" drives.

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Spot on Danny, in which case do you think SATA is fine for a Roon ROCK install? Will there be any discernible performance advantage if I upgrade to a NVMe drive? Music content will be stored on a cheap USB SSD drive for easy transfer between devices when I travel.

Yes I should have stated the nvme m.2 is faster…Sata is Sata is Sata regardless of the form factor leaving aside the whole Sata I II & III speed variances.

But to my point any Sata based ssd will be fine…if you are cheaping out on the least costly NUC option then cpu speed and cores will be your bigger issue imho


Not much.

However, SSD NAND chips do vary quite a bit in performance. The Transcend MTS line is one we find to be quite high performant for the price.

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