Suggested hardware


Thanks, I understand the fully optimised db. server, but if I am just running Roon on a Nuc that runs W8 or whatever then running Roon virtualised on a NAS should be very straightforward?


(rovinggecko) #42

Running it as a VM will not be a problem, should just work.
Not very efficient though as you will have the OS overhead. Ideally it runs as a package on the NAS itself.
Which would require Roon to create a linux build and then packaging for the respective NAS management shell.

(-) #43

Are you guys thinking about Docker? Best for lightweight linux vm’s.

Synology DSM 5.2 (Beta) is supporting Docker Registry, simply browse, download and enjoy Roon! :wink:

(Danny Dulai) #44

Make sure your VM supports vertical sync. We clock the UI to your displays refresh rate. The VMWare I had did not support this

(Danny Dulai) #45

If/when we do a Linux build, Docker is a great way to go.


Please make that a when rather than an if.

Intel Compute Stick

Would the new Intel Compute Stick be up for the task of a Roon install, preferably with a screen or att least headless?

(Brian Luczkiewicz) #48

The Compute Stick is Atom based, so pretty performance constrained, and only has 2gb of RAM and (I’m guessing) pretty slow local storage, even if flash. It won’t be fast.

Intel Compute Stick
(Chad Wagner) #49

Any chance the software could run directly from a QNAP?


Specifically as a headless core?



(Chad Wagner) #51

Yes. It would be great not to have to add additional hardware.

(Danny Dulai) #52

We will look into the Linux build on QNAP post-release. We need a plan on how to run on the various embedded headless platforms.

(rovinggecko) #53

Seems QNAP is also considering docker support, so that could mean support for Synology and QNAP nasses in one go…


Thanks Danny. QNAP might well be a great headless starter option for many given Meridian has announced next firmware update will enable QNAP as a core.

Having used Roon for almost a month now I can’t see myself coming back to Sooloos unless they somehow manage to have full exclusivity on MQA streaming (unlikely I am guessing). So my desire for a Linux built no longer exists:)


This is great. Very informative and helpful. I’m running Roon through an old MacBook Pro from early 2008 with only 4GB of memory. It’s fed music from a Synology NAS DS214play both on Ethernet. The output for listening goes by USB to my OPPO BDP105D. My word this is a fantastic experience so far. Practically having a laptop stacked on top of a turntable in our family living room is not going to fly so I am considering a Mac Mini which ideally I would run headless. Assuming that the iOS app makes an appearance soon I may pitch over from trial to paid up.

(Rik Watson) #56

If you’re going for a headless Mac Mini you may want to get a ‘dummy display adapter’. There is an issue with the GPU of Mac Mini whereby they behave sub-optimally if there is no display attached.

Take a look here and here for details.


I thought this was only with older Mac minis.

(Rene Bouwmeester) #58

Nope, also with recent ones. The HDMI dummy works best – in case your mini has HDMI out.


Thank you.
I will probably run an HDMI cable out through to my Oppo if I have to view the screen.


Intel NUC with Skylake is coming this year and it seems (crossing my fingers) that it will have the normal HDMI connection (not mini) so a touch screen with the NUC hanging on the back connected using a CYP flexi-form cable should be a snug fit.