Suggested specs for laptop for library of 700,000 tracks

Does it need to be a laptop? There are better options if you don’t need portability.

I’d certainly be looking at a dedicated unit like an Intel NUC running ROCK, or a DIY unit. This way you don’t have to depend on the laptop being on to be able to play your music.

Doesn’t necessarily need to be a laptop but I am not particularly technologically savvy so I am looking for a fairly simple solution.

Or a Nucleus Plus with a large internal SSD if you don’t want a DIY situation and don’t mind paying a little more.

Anything DIY is undoubtedly beyond my capabilities. I know nothing about NUCs. What kind of specs would you suggest for a NUC?

A Nucleus Plus may need additional memory for a large library like this.

For that size of library you better avoiding a laptop, even a Nucleus will be slower than getting a beefy desktop solution. Plenty of Ram is required for large libraries and a good sinlge core speed CPU for the analysis side of things.


NUC is a generic term for an Intel manufactured device. Nucleus+ is a turn key device supplied by Roon. Two different machines.

Theoretically, Roon’s Nucleus+ is a simple drop into your HIFi chain and connects to your home network. Roon software is already installed.

That’s easy.

While not using to much DSPs and endpoints also for 700000 tracks 16GB RAM should be enough.
But ripping such a lot of CDs costs a lot of time and so I would take care about backups of your data.
For this I would prefer a NAS and external (or like me another NAS) discs as backup media.
You can install Roon also on NAS itself (but then I would use here an i7 and 16GB RAM, which can costs a lot in the NAS world) or use a Mock (it must not be in every case a NUC) → a PC with Rock installed and use the datas from the NAS.

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NUC 10i7 , 32 GB RAM, 8 Tb SSD Using Roon’s ROCK OS , its tiny and virtually silent.

You’re good to go. You can add external USB drives too if the 8Tb isn’t enough

I just got that except I used a 4Tb SSD , the computer shop put it together for me . Load ROCK as per instructions in the Knowledge Base

20TB is quite a lot of data, put that in a NAS, plus a NAS for back up plus offsite backup will be costly.

How attached are you to your personal library?

I’m thinking add what you can from a steaming service and anything that’s not available have as a local file.

Might not be what you want to do but it leaves Qobuz or Tidal providing the storage costs and your just paying a small monthly fee to stream it.

Could leave you with a small cost efficient system and you can store the old storage in case it’s required and maybe a cheaper running costs.

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I’d have someone build me a good desktop solution for “headless usage”.
And, for pete’s sake, make sure to house the hard drives in the computer! :smiley:

A lappy for that kind of library size and usage is like asking for which moped to pull an 8meter caravan…

If you’re financially independent, perhaps this one?:

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To understand NUC, I think this video is remarkably simple and it’s only like 20:00. ROON ROCKS! - YouTube

The building side of this, where he is in a DOS like screen and all of that, is not necessary if you buy the NUC straight from Roon, from what I understand, as it’s already pre-loaded and ready to run. You plug it in and let your Roon client find it as a Roon Server and you rock and roll.

Despite Roon core software being available for Mac, Win and Linux, in your case you should avoid MacOs, as it may have stability and speed issues with Roon libraries exceeding 500,000 tracks.

A raided QNAP and a nucleus + core with 16 MB RAM handles a library of that size, with control via Mac, PC or iPad

I appreciate all of the information all of you have shared with me. Really amazing that so many people have taken the time to help a total stranger. Lots for me to digest but I’m hopeful that, with your assistance, I will find a good solution. Thank you.


This is unnecessary these days in the home—if ever a good solution—and has no bearing on what type of core should run a large library.

Attached storage is the best option, especially for the OP, who has stated that they aren’t comfortable with technology.

What’s important is to backup your data. Nowadays, a local copy, and a copy in the cloud. It’s cheap and reliable. Disk redundancy is mostly unnecessary.

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to each his own. Roon advised upgrading the RAM in nucleus + which solved my problems with a large library. I’ve RAIDED my marvellous collection, backed it up and am feeling quite secure

I upgraded my nucleus + on your advice to 16 GB RAM and it resolved my issues

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