Suggestion of features 1) Library storage hierarchy cache 2) Off site mode

And if you believe switch bandwidth is really 1Gb per second, it is sadly mistaken

All in all, I have no idea why there has to be a feature request section if all I get is a lot of people telling me I dont need what I need.

I could have just used damn foobar and a PC if I have to follow these “workaround”. I do hope to see Roon improve not just “works”. So please stop wasting time to discuss this or that.

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Mines 830mb/s. I stream 4k video around the home, have a lot of incoming outgoing traffic, Nas, 23 wireless connected devices, 15 wired devices, 3 switches and 2 wireless aps never had a problem with audio, does not drop a beat. As others have said switches manage network traffic so data only goes where it’s needed and the data moves way faster than is needed for audio. The only time it doesn’t is if you have a bad network config loop or your not managing multicast properly and get a broadcast storm.

You are absolutely right in that a feature request is just that, a request.
I guess, although buried in the technical explanations, people are trying to say that it is unlikely to be implemented as a technical solution just due to network considerations.
At some point everyone is presuming some sort of library split/cache will need to be made for mobile use but that is a different use case.

People means they run or represent Roon?

And why everyone keep forgetting the intelligent playlist issue.

If I move my library file, the playlist will not attempt or provide a mechanism to relocate the tracks. It just say it is unavailable. It is affecring far more cases than any of tthese network talk.

So people from Roon officially given up trying to make their product more usable?

All the replies have been from users. However, a number of them have been around this forum a long time and have picked up what constitutes a successful feature suggestion.
The keys seem to be that it enhances the product for many people, is simple to understand in use, is in line with roon’s obscure development path and is worth the development investment over other suggestions.
Even then suggestions that have a fairly massive number if requests such as a rating for individual files never get anywhere despite years of multiple requestors.
You’ve made your request, to enhance its chances - see if others think it worthwhile and describe the usage scenario and benefits. The networking one is probably the weakest argument as the roon team expect a robust network and often make the suggestion to improve a network rather than indicate they intend to moderate usage.
Hope that helps.

I think everyone is ignoring that part because they don’t see the need for it to be implemented prior to the much delayed, mobile solution.
It’s an odd use case that no one recognises as being useful to them.

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@Samuel_Hau there’s another feature request out there asking for playlists using internal Roon IDs as a reference point instead of file location. Maybe this would help your use case, too - if considered by Roonlabs. If so, it might be a good idea to add your view directly here:

Having multiple requests in one topic may make things more difficult.

Again, not NOONE, the ability of people in this forum to implant their own view to others is staggering. You are calling ME NOONE? What authority you have over ME? I counted only 3 or 4 people responded here saying they don’t need it. Are you 4 elected by ALL Roon users to say so?

Do the 3 or 4 of you use Audrze Presets? How many people use it out of all Roon users? Yet it is implemented in Roon. A feature that is not used by YOU doesn’t and shouldn’t determine which feature is implemented hopefully.

You have never moved your library or part of your library, I am sure some does. You have never created playlist that has lots of tracks go unavailable, then you are lucky. There are people who does.

Roon is a product based on convenience and if it can make user convenient then it is worth to do so.

I made a request, unless I was mistaken that the feature I requested was already there, please stop wasting time to discuss why YOU don’t need it. Not every feature must be something YOU need. Thank you.

Thank you very much indeed.

Apologies if you took my words in a way they were not meant. You asked why the people who had responded so far had ignored the playlist portion. I meant that of the responders no one had seen it useful. NOT that no one would…

Thank you and please forgive me for my manners.

Hope we will have many meaningful discussion in the future!

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No problem. People get passionate about their hobbies!

The bandwidth between any two devices is not going to be quite 1Gbit per second. But, it should be a little above 800 Mbit per second. And, the total bandwidth of the switch backplane is much higher than for an individual port. A good switch will be able to handle all ports handling 800+ Mbits per second.

Again, putting the hard drive at the Nucleus will solve all of these “problems” that you think you have. It never made any sense to me that people with dedicated audio servers, which the Nucleus is, would put the storage on a different network device like a NAS. I can see it if you have a general purpose PC that you use for other things, but not when using a dedicated server.

Hard disks are cheap and you can easily add one to the Nucleus that is more than large enough for your application, whatever it is. And you can back it up to the NAS. This would solve ANY issues you think adding a local SSD cache would solve. Take some time and think about this instead of responding back saying how no one (it’s not “noone”) can say you what you need…

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Thank you for your suggestions.

Again I raised a feature request for convenience which I believe what Roon is good for, a convenience product providing best experience.

SSD is never going to be as cheap or as big as what you can do with NAS. There are a lot of reason why some people don’t want to put a spinning magnetic disk into Roon server. Thus some people probably also have a larger library than can be fit into the SSD inside Roon. Furthermore, Roon doesn’t do backup of tracks and it doesn’t serve DLNA. A NAS in my network is also a media server for DLNA devices and also keep the recording from my security camera and also backup and also…

I raise the feature request to try to make the product better and believe other people will have their product improved. What I became very frustrated is people telling me “you don’t need that”. Of course I know what I need. I know I can workarounds by even installing a separate internet connection and run 2nd set of network cable all over the place exclusive for Roon. I am not asking for workaround, I am looking forward to improvement in user experience.

In fact I have implemented my own workaround by copying and selecting tracks I believe I may be more frequently used onto the SSD. As a user suggesting feature request of course I hope for a fully automatic caching. Next to that, someway for the playlist to be smartly choosing which copy to play, and lower than that, a way to easily relocate tracks on a play list that will keep it to work.

I really hope I am just raising user request, I don’t hope to get people keep saying no-one need this or that. All they can say is they don’t need it. Don’t tell me “I don’t need it” thank you


The good news is the folks at Roon will look at your feature requests and do with them as they see fit. What I or any other users here say about your features requests doesn’t really matter. So you don’t need to be unduly concerned with other Roon customers opinions of your requests.

I, for one, use Roon’s and customers responses to the feature requests I make to gauge the soundness of my requests. If I make a request and no one posts saying they like the idea, I tend to think that my idea may not have merit or that I have presented it incorrectly. If no one else has the same problem or thinks they would benefit from my suggestion, how good can it be? Also, if people disagree with my suggestion, they may offer input that helps me solve my issue with out requiring Roon to do anything.

For example, the issue you have with wanting a local track cache is, to me, an architecture problem with your network, storage, and computer/server systems and not a feature set problem. But you completely dismiss that idea at every turn. Others here have similar feedback. But, no matter what, you want your request implemented. No you MUST have it implemented because you NEED it. Everyone else is wrong. You go with that and live with whatever problems you are having as I suspect you will never see this feature implemented.

It is not a MUST to have it implemented. And I dont understand why everyone has to chim in that it MUSTN’T be implemented.

For courtesy sake, I would never go into others feature request and conclude that their request has no merit, or their request only suit their circumstances therefore they shouldnt ask.

It is completely rude to do so in my view.

I dont understand why do you define it as “feature set problem”. Feature request is NOT BUG fix request. In no way it has to become a problem to be suggested.

What I totally do not understand here is all these “only you have this problem” and your problem not my problem attitude. Just leave it in peace without comment if the feature doesnt apply to you.

If every feature request turn into a thread like this the feature request feature itself shouldnt be implemented.

What is the point? Of course everyone would suggest features based on their experience of the product that maybe different from yours!

It’s absolutely fine to provide feedback on feature request threads. Forum rules still apply.

Discussion can result in a better definition of the problem and refinement of the feature request. Sometimes requests are unnecessary because the objective can be achieve some other way.

Moreover, the Roon team do look at these requests but ask for rational and well thought out ideas. If an idea can stand up to scutiny from the community it is more likely to have legs.

You may like to read this thread.

It is absolutely fine to listen to comments. But when a request is being bashed, saying things like “you dont need that”, “technically not relevant” or “timing doesn’t matter” and non stop saying things that are actually not relevant to the feature requested, is unfathomable.

I am sure some of the responders believe heavy network load doesnt matter, timing doesnt matter, have a spinning disk near the source doesnt matter, and etc etc.

There is also a lot of people who thinks otherwise and try to minimize and optimise all they can.

If you dont happen to think in the same way, that is fine for you. Please dont flippant say “you dont need that” or it’s just a few percent of the network traffic. You have no idea what other peoples traffic, you have your own thinking doesnt mean others can be ignored or just overruled by “you dont need that”.

I 100% respect the other point of view, even if I dont agree. I expect respect should be mutual.