Switching ROCK off

I would like/need to completely switch off the NUC with Rock inside… it is very silent but I can hear the fan run even at low speed in the silence of the night (it is quite close to my bed) so… I would like it dead silent during the night and also save fan life (less turns… less dust… )

I use to switch off using the front button on the NUC (clearly with nothing playing)… question: is it safe? or I’m getting some risks to damage the software inside?

Why not turn it off via the ROCK GUI?
I personally would worry about turning off power when something critical might be going on with Roon, like something with a backup or the database. Perhaps once or a few times wouldn’t be a problem, but doing it every night seems like you are asking for problems.

push it once and it’ll shut down nicely.

push and hold it for a few seconds and it’ll turn off hard, not shutting down gracefully. it’s also pretty safe, but slightly less so than graceful shutdown with single press.

shutdown via gui is same as single press on front: a graceful shutdown.


That’s what I’ve seen… one short push and it switch off in couple of seconds, that I thought was because of first shutting down the process in background… fantastic, I will do as standard

thank you :slight_smile:

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