Synology DS1621xs+

Synology just announced a new NAS, the DS1621xs+ with an Intel Xeon D-1527 processor, 8GB of RAM, and two slots for M.2 SSD. Does anyone know if those specs are the kind of power to make the Roon Core snappy? Or will a core i7 NUC running ROCK be the better option?

It should be reasonable for Roon Core, so long as you don’t have any heavy DSP enabled. It is pretty much guaranteed to fall over and die if you try heavy DSP (like DSD upsampling, etc). The D-1527 is a low-end first (Broadwell) generation Xeon D.

Thanks for your insights. So I take it a core i7 NUC would be better for heavy DSP?

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Seems like it would depends on the size of your library, number of simultaneous zones in use and the amount DSP for each zone. There is a post on this site with comparisons and it seems one person with an I3 can do pretty much everything another person with an I7 can do.

I have a NUC8I7BEH with a small 500 album library and with 3 zones in use it never breaks a sweat. I don’t use DSP, yet. I could have gone with the I3 for my usage but I just prefer the I7.

Also some folks are bothered by the I7 fan noise but I’ve never heard mine.

I found this interesting article that compares Xeon to core i-7. It seems things like clock speed, type of RAM, and hyper-threading are all things to consider. For me, another thing to consider is I’d use a DS1621xs+ for a lot of things besides running a Roon Core.

Cpu speed is your biggest issue

Xeon D is a low watt cpu , Roon db workload is more suitable on xeon rather than core-i7

However DSP is not. I guess snappy is subjective as a description goes. I’ve run roon on many different platforms and specs and if you want a fully capable roon server don’t short change on your cpu speed and at least 4-8 cores, ssd is mandatory and 8gb ram minimum. Ymmv but I see so many trialing roon on what is going to be an average at best experience.