Synology DS2415+ (60TB) for storage and ? (ext. hw or NAS) for Roon install and playback?

Hi everyone,

are there any recommendations for my following setup?

Didn’t bought Roon at this moment, but this is still in pipeline.
I’m running a Synology NAS 2415+ (16GB RAM already installed) with 60TB* of lossless and DSD music files via 1GBit Router to my MacBook (WiFi) and Windows PC (LAN). MacBook and PC are just used for moving files to my NAS. On my Windows PC I’m running an Audio Interface (RME Fireface UCX). I want to use an iPad as User Interface Remote for searching and playing the music. Music should play via WIndows PC with the Fireface UCX. NAS, Macbook and Windows PC are connected to a router is a FRITZ!Box 7490 (limitation of Gigabit Ethernet) and I don’t want to change my router hardware with any else.

*12 x 10TB Seagate Ironwolf (via RAID1) = 60TB, so each 10TB RAID1 is a shared folder. In summary it’s six shared folders. Roon should be able to search and play from all six of them flawless.

Important for me is a super fast search engine.
And playing music without any cracklings. 95% of my music on my NAS is “standard” FLAC and 24-192 FLAC.

1.) Does it make sense to install Roon on my NAS (on SSD)?
1.1.) If so - what manufacturer/type of SSD is recommended?
1.2.) If not, what else hardware solution is recommended?

2.) I rip a lot Audio CDs and copy them to my NAS. Does Roon check the folders fast for new stuff or does it take a lot time because re-hashing the whole drives/database?

Thank you all a lot for your upcoming answers!

I have no idea how much of your storage is music but I would say that with that sort of storage size and the fact that you see speed as essential you are best putting Roon on a dedicated i7 platform with at least 8 meg of RAM connected by LAN to the same switch as your storage. It will take many hours to scan your drives but once done new additions will only take a few moments each track. I think for a massive collection the CPU standard in a DS2415+ will be insufficient.


Thank you for your answer, Henry.

I have no problem if the scanning needs several days. Are there any recommendations of a assembled i7 system which works well for this scenario?

What are the actual number of music tracks. 100K tracks? 300k?

1.896k tracks lossless only.

edit: updated

Wheow! :open_mouth: Thats a lot of music files! You planning on starting a streaming service? :wink:

Well, your Synology is best suited as a storage unit since it uses an Atom processor. And id seriously consider a custom built Roon Server with increased networking bandwith than a single Ethernet port can provide. As for a processor i’d never even look at anything else than a Kaby Lake i7, a minimum of 16Gb RAM and perhaps an Optane memory solution?

Concerning your second question, it’s not a problem, at least to me. Indexing of further albums/tracks is quick and painless. but on the other hand you have about 20times more tracks than me!

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The Roon turnkey i7 solution should be available soon. You can put a system together yourself that would be more powerful and versatile but if you want off the shelf then theirs would come with guarantees and support. It will be called Nucleus and with luck should be available within the month? I personally don’t think you need 16k of memory, I would concentrate on fast NVMe storage for the database which is the heart of what makes Roon what it is.

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I am not sure a NUC with its mobile cpu is the right call. The amount of tracks you have puts you in a very rarefied situation. Such that normal forum solutions/suggestions might not be the right you.

I think instead of my suggestions, that I’d wait for a dev to wander by. I’m pretty sure they would be interested in large collections and could point out potential system challenges when scaled to that size.

Is this a personal collection or commercial use?

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No streaming service :slight_smile:
It’s my private collection just for myself.

Btw: my workstation is a 6-core XEON CPU, Win 10. It is the PC with RME Fireface UCX. Will try Roon free trial on this workstation with database on its SSD. Storage will be on NAS. NAS and PC will use same Router. Maybe it will work. Otherwise I have no clue what option is now possible with this bunch of ambient, drone, jazz and classical music… Hm.

Hi @psyndrome – I wish I could tell you we’ve tested with a collection this big and everything should be fine, but at these numbers you’re more than double the biggest collection we’re aware of.

We have another user in the last month trying to import a million and a half tracks, and we are working through some issues with him at the moment – for now it’s unclear whether the issues he’s experiencing are related to specific content or the size of his library. That said, any way you cut it you guys are pushing the system in new and untested ways, and we’re keeping a close eye on how it goes.

While we’ve never tested internally with a collection that big I think it’s safe to say that some aspects of Roon aren’t going to perform as fast as we’d like – search, focus, startup, importing, and other areas are all going to feel the impact of a collection this big.

This section of the Knowledge Base is worth a read – even on an average sized collection (figure 40k tracks) Roon is tracking millions of objects. Now, some people ignore our recommended specs and run those collections on an Atom processor, and in turn the performance of the areas I mentioned above suffer.

The thing to keep in mind is how the Roon database is going to scale to your collection – it’s worth a shot, but I do want to be clear that it’s hard for us to make guarantees about performance here.

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Library importing is one thing, track analysis is another. The later may run over your trial period (2 weeks) unless you have a offer free usage period to work with.

I7-7700 would be a bare minimum m.2 nvme ssd maybe 256gb will be ample and maybe Linux or Windows 10 64bit

GB lan too and I’m not sure how aggregated Network would work but that might be worth a look to if you have the equipment and know how to implement it

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Seems to me he would be someone Roon could use as a data point on the performance of very large data arrays. We know about the challenges of import and analysis. It would be interesting to see how this impacts day to day performance, maintenance of the database and backups. It might be good to quote an upper limits of Roon performance.

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We might be a challenge for Roon, my library is about 70TB right now…

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This is true a bunch collection, I’m still in copy process to my NAS. Will test Roon after finnishing file transfer.

@psyndrome -

I hope you have a backup solution. RAID is not the same as backup. I guess you have no choice until bigger drives come out, but by having so many disks you are increasing your chances of a failure, not lessening it. Just something to consider for the future.

You obviously have invested a lot of time, energy, and love (not to mention money) in amassing such a collection. You need to seriously consider off site backup. I’m not suggesting cloud services, not specifically because of the cost which would be enormous, but because it would take you 100 years to upload all that data. At the very least, you should backup to another NAS, updating once a month (or whenever) and stash it in safe deposit box or a trusted friend’s house. The way it is now if your house is destroyed or just burgled, you would be out of luck. Speaking of which - where did you say you lived?:yum:


Roon installed. What I have to say: F A N T A S T I Q U E !

Just beautiful and fast. Great sound quality.

Two issues I’m missing:

  • vertical scrolling
  • support for APE and WV
  • statistics: how much TB of music the collection contains

Hi @psyndrome

Glad you’re enjoying Roon, these topic may help with two of the missing features you listed:

For the 3rd, is not the OS the best way to see this? (There’s really no need for Roon to know who much storage space the files are taking.)

Hi @Carl,

ouch, too many Gigabytes of APE music to convert via XLD… But I see dBpoweramp does a good job now. OK, no problem.

All my files are located on NAS. A concrete filesize information of the collection would be nice.