Synology NAS for Roon

(Christopher Rieke) #21

(Huh, I think i just tricked the 10 character requirement for a post in my reply above… :smile: )

(CWC) #22

So I got the new (used) NAS DS716+II added the extra memory and migrated my previous drives. All went smooth and Roon installed very easily after adding the 64GB USB drive. Works well but I didn’t have a USB A2A cable so I couldn’t test the sound.

By the way, was fairly disappointed that Roon Remote doesn’t support my iPad. Not going to buy a new one just for Roon but my Galaxy S6 and Windows Surface Pro do work so for testing this will suffice.

(Christopher Rieke) #23

I don’t have an Oppo device here, but from what I saw in some pictures, I think you don’t need (and I won’t work with) an A2A cable. You need an Type A to Type B cable, that connects to the “Digital Audio Input” section at the back of the Oppo. The connection is labeled “USB DAC”. (It’s the standard cable that is used for most USB printers…)

EDIT: From what I have read, you may even damage your components (Synology and/or Oppo) by using an A2A cable!

(CWC) #24

Thanks for the heads up, my first endeavor with USB and it would have been a disaster! I didn’t buy the cable, absurdly expensive…so will find this USB B port and hope to have some feedback on how DSD and FLAC play with Roon.

What is a good cheap tablet to use as a Remote?

(Robert Matthews) #25

Just connected my Oppo105 today. It has a B type USB connector. Working well but was a bit hit and miss but got there in the end. Why is all this computer audio so difficult?

(Philip Gregory) #26

Many thanks for the helpful replies. I have changed the router positions and it is currently playing high resolution files without any problem. However, longer term I think that I will have the Roon core PC hard wired. Any advice on a small inexpensive laptop that will do the job? All advice gladly received!!!

(CWC) #27

What misses did you encounter? My setup is working pretty good at the moment, no drop outs or stuttering. So far with the gear I have been using, things work pretty good. The database is about 500MB and I have around 5000 files from MP3 to DSD. I think the 64GB thumb drive was overkill but better safe than sorry.

(Arthur A) #28

Hi Chris,

I am thinking about installing the Roon Core on my DS1515+ and I’ve read about the optimum configuration (SSD in Bay 1 and 6Gb RAM etc.). I looked at your installation page. I have 1 question…

When I download the .spk file will it install Roon 1.3? …or are you yet to create the 1.3 version?



(Christopher Rieke) #29

The spk installation file will always download the latest RoonServer. :slight_smile:

(Arthur A) #30

Thanks Chris. 2 more…

How much space is required for the software (not including the database)?

(Derek Hafer) #31


Successfully installed roon server on synology ds1515+. This is an intel atom device with 6gb of ram.

No dropouts running 250k track library, streaming wirelessly to a 2010 mac mini and then usb to a mytek brooklyn dac.

I am not using any ssd and the library is just another share on the synology hybrid raid volume.

Not sure if this is due to btrfs file system, improvements in synology dsm 6.1 or improvements in the latest roon release 1.3.204

(Arthur A) #32

Hi all,

I have been running Roon core on my DS1515+, 6Gb RAM, DSM 6.1, on an ‘old’ SSD in bay 1.
It is running ok so far with only a few minor glitches.

The SSD I used is now showing errors in DSM and I want to install a new, faster SSD and move Roon to it.

Any ideas about how to go about that?..hopefully without having to re-install/re-configure Roon? I don’t seem to be able to move the RoonServer root folder to the new SSD.

(k) #33

The new backup and restore function should work, I have migrated my Roon Core recently to an external USB SSD drive connected to my DS1515+.

I ran Roon Core on a Mivera Audio Superstream, backup to Dropbox, then install Roon on the external USB SSD, open Roon control from my Mac and connect to the newly installed Roon Core, restore from the backup, then restart Roon.

(Arthur A) #34

Ok, I got it working again now…this is what I did.

  • I installed the Synology “Snapshot Replication” software package.
  • I made a replica of the old ‘RoonServer’ folder from the old SSD on to the new SSD and it automatically named it ‘RoonServer-1’
  • I removed the old SSD.
  • I renamed the folder on the new SSD back to ‘RoonServer’.
  • When I looked in the package center there was an exclamation mark and it said that Roon had stopped working.
  • I un-installed Roon.
  • I re-installed Roon and it picked up the folder on the new Volume (new SSD) and ran with it…all good!

The new SSD is the Samsung 850 Pro 128Gb. I have to say it is very fast. I have only 2475 tracks and when I use my PC to browse by compositions they load very quickly over my 1Gbe network. Then I switch to view by composer and they are just as quick to load. No complaints.

(Michael Coelho) #35

Hi! I have this model (DS3617xs), but Roon won’t install. Says it’s not a supported architecture. I’m on DSM 6.1.1-15101 Update 1 (latest). Have you gotten a chance to try installing on one of these? I imagine it’s the Xeon architecture causing the issue.

(Christopher Rieke) #36

Hi Michael,
can you delete your downloaded SPK and download it again? I’ve just added the broadwell cpu architecture, which is used by your DS3617xs. It should now install on your Synology.

(Michael Coelho) #37

Yep, worked fine this time. Thanks!

(Christopher Rieke) #38

Great. I had not added the broadwell architecture (mostly the current 2017 models), yet. The DS3617xs is a really nice NAS. If you run in any other issues, let me know. I am happy to assist as good as I can. :slight_smile:


I have a DS 916+ 8 GB with 16 TB that I have been running for four or five months.
If I wanted to run Roon on it can I also use it for others things? Backups etc? Or does it have to be dedicated to Roon?
I’m actually pretty close to pulling the trigger on a SonicTransport but if I can make one device do two things that would be optimal.
I realize I would need to replace one of the 4TB drives with an SSD. I’m only using about 4 TB right now for data files.

(Jim) #40

The NAS does not have to be dedicated to Roon. My 1515+ also runs HyperBackup, PhotoStation, VideoStation, etc and has no problem upsamplig to high rate PCM or converting DSD to PCM (DAC cannot handle DSD).