Tag combinations and playlists

How can I build a playlist of tracks that have a combination of tags (TagA and TagB)? Filtering a playlist by tags would be sufficient but that doesn’t seem to be possible?


A Boolean AND is possible and I’ve used it with albums.

Filtering options

I haven’t tried it with tracks and wonder whether the necessary process of tagging all the other non-tagged tracks might make Roon hiccup.

Actually, with tags, only OR logic works, without kludges that don’t work well. On large libraries, combined Tag queries are very slow, almost unusable.

I think Roon is going to have to do some optimisation here to ensure roontags work as well as other filter elements.

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Not quite sure whether I am reading this quote correctly, but the fix does work, and it was you who showed me that combining a not_tag with a normal tag uses AND.

I’ve just tried it with my 34000 tracks and it works, but it is veerrryy sllloooooowwww.

Ah a small library😜

34k is a tiny library.

Size isn’t everything :joy:

Yes I was the one who figured that out - while there is no “AND” logic available, “AND NOT” is available. It’s only workable if you want to tag all the NOT’s in your library, however.

The next thing I figured out is that it’s not practically useful with any sizable library. It takes forever - 2-3 minutes of the munching Roon icon.

That is also a problem with “indirect” tags - i.e. show all albums related to tags on artists, type of thing. Takes forever to load.

Point being, complex tag queries, whether indirect or combinations, have extremely poor performance with Roon. Funny since Foobar and J River get them out quite quickly.

EDIT: I’m wondering why there isn’t more discussion about how slow Roon Tag queries are. Either folks don’t use them much, or they work much better on something like Nucleus or Rock (which I do not use). My Roon core is a dedicated, reasonably powerful and modern quad core on Win 10. It SHOULD be quite fast at processing these queries, but these queries are slow as dirt. I wonder if folks using the linux based versions are having a better experience? Or do people just not put Tags through their paces?

This, imho.

Yip, this is the issue and now that roontags is a thing Roon needs to do some optimisation here to ensure that leveraging same is no different to other Focus objects iro performance.