Terrible customer service from HQPlayer

HQ Player is an excellent product, and has good customer support. HQ Player license terms are pretty clear and Jussi offering you a discount code is a fair business gesture.

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HQPlayer works flawlessly on my Mac Mini 1.4 GHz Intel Core i5 with 4 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 + Roon Core with Tidal and my music collection on external HDD’s. Never ever crashed!!

100% agree.
Watch out for this please.
For technical questions he may answer with cheap platitudes.
This purchase it was my worst spent money ever!

Personally I wouldn’t be taking this tack putting Jussi on the spot like that.

Whatever he does now will irk someone.


That’s a very glass-is-half-empty way to look at it.

If he agrees to transfer/refund, he can consider it a cost of doing business w/ customers coming from Roon.
If he doesn’t agree, he can choose to not respond or to respond saying ‘my policies are set’.

@Wirezz will end up happy in one case and no different in any other case. Roon Labs will not be offended in either case. My request & my advice is just that, with no strings attached.

Others are just bystanders watching this public drama unfold, which was already triggered by the first post on this topic.

There are a variety of views about HQ Player on the Forum. This is mine:

The software isn’t defective. It does what it says it does, but it is constrained by available processing power. I’d prefer to see a warning to that effect on the website, but would have expected a trial to have shown up such issues.

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I can’t imagine you being so gracious if someone was calling your software defective on a public forum and demanding their money back because they can’t search by folder and/or Roon doesn’t support UPnP.

It certainly looks as if things could have been handled more diplomatically but I think 2 fuses were lit.

But you may be correct about me being a glass half empty kind of guy, I’m a great believer that things invariably can only get better for pessimists and worse for optimists.



People have called Roon defective many times on this site as well as others (search on Computer Audiophile for example). Additionally, lack of UPnP support (their hardware isn’t supported) is the #1 reason people request refunds. Lack of folder browsing and/or their organization was not preserved is #2.

Users don’t usually go public first, they ask privately. Same went for @Wirezz. When he didn’t get the answer he wanted, he went public in an attempt to warn others about a business practice that he didn’t agree with. We don’t let it escalate it that far because we have a 30-day refund policy. We are pretty flexible on that 30 days too.

Customers are going to range from happy to angry because there are many of them. There is only 1 of you – be cool. I’ve voiced this idea on our site before (I won’t bring attention to the partner that triggered my dissatisfaction last time because they ultimately resolved the situation).

Then, in my opinion, you’ve made another bad call: you assumed it’s a zero-sum game. I’d rather assume the best and expect that it’ll only get better.

A glass-half-full way to look at refunds is to not consider them as a commentary on the defectiveness of product. They are about satisfaction. It has nothing to do with whether they are right or wrong. It’s about an easy way out of a nasty situation, even if it doesn’t agree with one’s ego.

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If I’d want to get bigger and have something like customer support department, I would have to increase the price more than 2x to somehow fund such activity… :slight_smile:

Until then, it is just me, one person, trying to handle everything.

Responses depend on what you are asking. If I don’t answer, I may not have answer. If you ask something like what hardware you should buy, you are most unlikely to get response.

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There’s free trial so one can make sure things work fine. Refunds cost me money.

If you buy Microsoft Windows, install it on computer and then decide you don’t like it, you are not going to get refund. Same for most other software I know.

In this particular case, if playback begins to suffer after 30 minutes or so it is likely thermal problem in the computer driving it to thermal throttling. Small ultra-book laptops are most likely to suffer from such (not designed for constant high loads), but can happen elsewhere too for the stated reasons.

Or some other software screwing things up. I’ve seen similar things happen on some anti-virus software that re-scans HTTP streams as it is flowing and as the “download” gets bigger and bigger the scanning is taking longer and longer and eventually the entire thing collapses. But hopefully none of the AV solutions are that stupid anymore in the era of streaming services.

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Roon probably has similar challenges, depending on how Roon’s DSP engine is configured. Not all computers can probably run all Roon’s features in all configuration scenarios.

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charge a restocking fee?

I have no idea how to implement something like that in practice… :smiley:

Jussi couldn’t have made it clearer that people should make sure it works for them before purchasing - not sure what the issue is.

Yah, I get it… building billing and management of users, licenses, etc is really complicated and not your core expertise. It’s a huge amount of effort for something that is not the primary value-add of the product. We at Roon spend way too much energy working on this. We have a person on staff whose primary job is to deal with billing support! I wish we didn’t, but it’s the only thing allowing us to grow like we are.

Anyway, if you are curious, Stripe Connect is a great way to pull off the majority of this stuff with semi-minimal effort.

There are additional business alternatives, that maybe we should talk about more seriously. For example, deeper integration of your DSP technologies as an optional component in Roon could allow you to get compensated without having to worry about billing/user-management and get you a great anti-piracy mechanism as well. Obviously, it would be more non-core-value technical work and a different product to HQPlayer. If this sounds interesting, PM me.


Read the above posts with empathetic eyes not grounded in realism. Business isn’t always about the rules.

Anyway, it’s a tough situation. While I do not like the outcome, I see @jussi_laako’s point of view as well. Let’s hope that either together or separately, we can do better in the future.

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Have you considered selling your license ? :grinning:


A bit off topic, but I ask anyway.

The Sonicorbiter 2.6 is arriving very soon with HQPlayer embedded included.

I bought the Windows version last year. I think there was a 50% discount if you purchase the Linux version. Is this still valid ?

Can I get the HQPlayer embedded at 50% discount if you already have a valid Windows or Mac license ?

If not, have you considered a introduction offer with this
nice Sonore SonicTransporter i5 SW upgrade ?

By the way, you normally have very good customer support and most questions quickly answered, and I think you in addition have a full time day job.
So you’re a very hard working guy :grinning:

Keep up the good work !

You have to invent a tool that allow (by a setting) automatically tag the folders during scan. :joy:

Then those ones can have that functionality.
Next problem then is they just wouldn’t understand that they have to use the bookmark function for achieving what they want, but still they should have what they was looking for. No refund !