The Metadata Mess continues. More duplicate artists

Just purchased. I did not touch the files. Just wanted to see whether Roon might get it right for a “fresh” album. It’s not to be.

Artists are duplicate. first, each of them shows up individually, then they are both combined together in one artist field. Roon should detect and correct such basic issues automatically during album identification. Thanks for fixing.

It looks like you tagging is at fault here. You have three not four artists: “Alina Ibragimova”, “Cedric Tiberghien” and “Alina Ibragimova, Cedric Tiberghien”. This can happen when the tagging software uses an incorrect delimiter.

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Please read my post first: Its not MY TAGGING. I have not touched the files. I thought Roon is super-smart. Its dump as it can be.

These guys should stop inventing marketing phrases and fix their software. Really pathetic.

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Yes it is! Whether or not you have done the tagging yourself they are incorrect. Live with it or fix it–I’ve explained the issue.

And remember … be civil.

Very civil. If only the Roon software would behave civil. I will be glorifying the day where one of my 5000 albums will be recognized by Roon without the need for any manual intervention.

The claims made by Roon about its self-marketed superiour “Intelligent” capabilities are nothing else than Fake News. But I made that point before elsewhere. Issue closed.

@joel - the Hyperion metadata appears to be at fault here. The Roon database knows the artists individually, but the Hyperion metadata in their CD or download files elides the artists together because they’ve used a comma instead of a semicolon as the delimiter. So Roon adds a third artist "“Alina Ibragimova, Cedric Tiberghien” to the list of artists. BTW - my reading of the “Prefer Roon / Prefer File” settings would be that if Prefer Roon is chosen, and Roon has a match in its database, then the File tag would be ignored. Yet here, it seems to have been merged with Roon’s data. Is this correct?

@bbrip - this is a case of “Garbage In, Garbage Out”, all too common with metadata suppliers, I’m afraid. It can be easily fixed - either remove the false artist in Roon, or use a third-party tag editor to replace the comma with a semicolon on all the tracks at once as here:

BTW, @bbrip - thank you for introducing me to the music of Szymanowski - I downloaded the album from Hyperion to check out the metadata, and stayed to enjoy the music. I also appreciate the fact that Hyperion appears to have used the lyrics metadata tag to store notes on the work…

It’s a nice idea, isn’t it? I like hyperion for this, their approach to metadata is really special (in a good way), even if delimiters need adjustment. :wink:

Now if we’d had an option to left (or, for other languages, right) align lyrics, that would even be nicer.

Indeed, including the liner notes in the lyrics is one of the smart solutions from Hyperion. A great creative label! And Szymanowski has done some fantastic music. Try his symphonies and concertos as well.

I know of course it can be easily fixed. Already done. But that is not the point. Wouldn’t it be nice if Roon would use all its artificial intelligence capabilities - as widely advertised - to rectify such obvious errors itself? Is this beyond basic coding skills - not even talking intelligence? Just asking.

For real “lyrics” I quite like it be centered. I can live with the side-effect of centered liner notes. :sunglasses:

As we’re talking Hyperion: They also tag composer as “Szymanowski, Karol (1882-1937)”, also my prefered way of tagging composers - which Roon often fails to interpret correctly.

That’s Hyperion’s chosen mode of tagging. As you can see, when Roon identifies the album, it understands that is who we’re talking about.

if it would now also understand duplicate artists, we would be getting somewhere

Hi @bbrip,

Thanks for reaching out! When importing media, you can set what delimiters are used by by going to Settings > Library > Import Settings:

By default Roon will use ; as a delimiter, so if your tags have a comma that will not be counted as a delimiter (which is why Roon saw Alina Ibragimova, Cedric Tiberghien as one artist.

We are always looking to improve things, though, so the feedback is greatly appreciated.

Hi @dylan, I know all that. It dosnt help if the media contain inconsistent delimiters. As long as that consistency is not there, each album has to be corrected manually.